GP Japan: Friday plagued with problems for Button and Grosjean


throughout the two free practice sessions on the Friday of the Grand Prix of Japan, the fortune at the mechanistic level was conspicuous by his absence in a special way in two pilots: Jenson Button and Romain Grosjean. Both suffered various problems that prevented them from completing their testing programme as planned.

The best lap of the Button in the Free 2, a 1:34.398, left him four-tenths of Fernando Alonso, a distance relatively negligible, but the british showed very upset after workouts with your pace in long run, and considers that there is some component of your car that is not working as it should:

“The pace over a lap was not too bad, just don’t get a great return. Normally, long runs are one of my strong suits, and not what they have been today. Fernando has some parts slightly different in your car than I have, but even so, we should be more competitive on long runs than we are”.

Button speculated with the possibility that their problems were related with the management of the temperature of the tires of his car, to ensure that I could barely complete a lap before they start to lose performance due to wear and tear:

“We are very far away, there is something you should check, something is wrong, and not so much a problem of configuration. I can Only get the tires to last a turn and is already. The degradation is huge, so it seems that something is not quite right in the car. There has to be something that is not working, we will change many things for tomorrow.”

To Grosjean, the problem was not the tires, if you do not charge to make them turn more slowly. After having similar problems in Singapore and Malaysia, the French rider suffered a new glitch in its brake discs during the first free practice sessions that made his single-seater ended in the gravel.

The despair of Grosjean, who went on to say on radio “my brakes are shit” days after to ensure that would lower your animosity in these communications, it became clear in subsequent statements to the media. The pilot of Haas criticized Brembo, the supplier of brakes for your team, and he regretted to have to be riding with extra precautions to avoid a major accident.

“put Yourselves in my place: go to 320 kilometers per hour and the brakes don’t work, how reaccionarías? Can be dangerous. Yes, there are things that I do not accept. It is not against the computer, against the suppliers. Today I crashed because the brakes did not work, so it’s normal to be a little annoying. Is dangerous everywhere, but what is special here, because it is (a circuit), very fast”.

“In the last race, I was lucky not to go out injured. Now we come here and my brakes fail again, too. Is not ideal, let’s put it this way, but then don’t hurry up those last five metres. Agree the time for return. The ranking is another story, but in free you shots with much more care, and if it rains this weekend, it could be worse. It is difficult to find the right solution, so we will change the material tomorrow and hope that things go better”.