GP Japan: Mercedes withdraws the protest on Verstappen at the request of Hamilton


The defensive maneuver of Max Verstappen to protect his second position from the attack of Lewis Hamilton, on the penultimate lap of the Grand Prix of Japan, has resulted in a new controversy in the later hours, after which Mercedes presented a formal protest to the FIA questioning the legality of the action.

In that set concrete, Hamilton wanted to overtake Verstappen on the inside at the Casio chicane but, when both were about to stop, the Dutch covered the inside of the curve. Hamilton made a motion of steering wheel to get in the left-hand side of the track and try to put in parallel with Verstappen to try to overtake him on the second turn of the chicane, but the british blocked tires and had to use the old chicane to escape, losing all their option of overtaking.

LAP 52/3

Hamilton throws his Mercedes around the outside of you SEE at the chicane

HAM: “Max moved under braking” #JapaneseGP #F1
— Formula 1 (@F1) October 9, 2016

After the protest, the FIA could not locate in the circuit, none of the two pilots, who had already gone, and officially announced that the audience with the pilots, and therefore, a formal decision, was postponed until the weekend of the Grand Prix of the united States, in the circuit of Austin, within two weeks.

however, the protest has been withdrawn throughout the morning (later japanese) on the part of the computer itself, as has been communicated by the FIA in an official manner. Minutes later, Lewis Hamilton used his Twitter account to communicate the following: “there is no objection on my part or by the Mercedes. An idiot has been told that what we have done, but it is not true. Max rode well, end of story. We page”.


This tweet was deleted almost immediately by Hamilton, who later published another, by removing the mention of Verstappen, the “idiot” and to Mercedes, given that the protest was publicly notified by the FIA, and saying that it had been he himself who had urged the team to remove it: “there is no objection on my part. I Just hear that the team did, but I told them that that is not what we do. We are champions, we page. End of story”.

there is no protest from myself. Just heard the team had but I told them it is not what we do. We are champions, we move on. End of!
— Lewis Hamilton (@LewisHamilton) October 9, 2016