GP Japan: Red Bull, unsatisfied with their ranking: “We are giving away lap time”


Surprisingly, in one of the circuits where it was hoped that their virtues stand out even more, Red Bull has been surpassed in performance by Ferrari on the classification of the Grand Prix of Japan. The two RB12 squad’s Milton Keynes ended up behind the SF16-H of the Italian team, being Max Verstappen the faster of the two, and only the sanction to Sebastian Vettel allows them to get ahead of a Ferrari.

The commander of the frustration within the team of Christian Horner was Daniel Ricciardo. The australian, new winner of the Malaysian Grand Prix just six days, could only be sixth, and 1:31.240 was 62 thousandths of the time logged by Verstappen, who was fastest in all three qualifying sessions.

For Ricciardo, as said in the microphones Sky Sports F1, the key to the slight drop of performance out of the car lies in a slower on the straights that implies, might have begun to manifest in Malaysia:

“To be honest, I did what I could. We have had some problems in qualifying, and it is a little frustrating, seeing what matched up that has been. I was being somewhat slower on the straights. Can that was there already from the end of last week. We are giving away lap time, and it is difficult to accept as a pilot, but it is what it is. On the penultimate lap, I went a little bit faster in sector 1, but it seems to me that that hurt my tires at the end of the turn”.

For the race, Ricciardo, will start from fifth place, predicts that Mercedes will take it with calm from its dominant position, and hopes to be able to take advantage of the equality in the upper area to try to give the surprise:

“It’s a little frustrating not to be further up. Obviously, we won a position with the sanction of Seb, but aspire to the first two rows. Still I look to the race tomorrow with optimism. I don’t think they (Mercedes) are dominant morning; even if they return home with a doublet, I don’t think that would be much bigger. We expect you to be conservative and reduce the power in the race. We will try to put some pressure and do what we can. Ferrari has been quick today, so it’s going to be a good battle among the three”.

“The slow corners not have worked for us,”

In the second row, next to the Ferrari of Kimi Räikkönen, will Max Verstappen, with the goal of becoming, as little, in the first persecutor of the Mercedes after the first curve. The pilot Dutch, very thin on the challenging layout of Suzuka, finished at half a second of the pole, but he knew how to take the best advantage of the capabilities of his car.

After the classification, Verstappen commented that the balance had been problematic, and that the greatest loss of time on your part could have been produced in the slow corners. For the race, the young dutchman aif your choices to a good start, knowing how difficult it is to overtake at Suzuka:

“it has Not been proven to be very bad, but I think the team was expecting something better. We wanted to be ahead of the Ferrari, and we have been very close, but the car balance was not quite right. somehow, I think that the slow corners not have worked for us, when normally we are very strong there. It may be due to the temperatures, but we still need to analyze it. In the end, I think that we are not too far away. The first sector was very good, there we can not complain, was only three hundredths of the time faster. But in (the areas of) low-speed, we could have gone a little better.”

“Start fourth tomorrow gives us the option of a good result, so that we can still be positive. Our race pace seems good, but they all seem pretty strong right now. It will be difficult to overtake here; as has been seen in qualifying, everything is well matched, and I hope for the same in the race. If we can have a good output as in Malaysia, then we will be able to get a good result”.