GP Japan: Sainz: “it Has been a Saturday very bad for us”


Saturday to forget for Carlos Sainz. An electrical problem in the ecu of his Toro Rosso only allowed to give a back in the Free 3, a situation that he mortgaged all of their options in the face of classification. A problem in the Q1 did even more complicated things for the Spanish pilot, to such an extent that Sainz was unable to pass in the fourteenth position with the STR11. With the potential for a better result, the spaniard also regrets go almost with your eyes closed to the race on Sunday after completing just four laps throughout the day today.

Carlos Sainz was quite blunt when responding to the questions of the press in the usual ‘playpen’ after the qualifying session: “All wrong. Has been a Saturday very bad for us after feeling positive that we had yesterday. Today the only thing we have done is complicate the life with a electrical problem in Free practice 3 that did not allow me to turn. I’ve only done half a turn, you arrive at a rating less prepared, with ten laps less than your rivals”.

however, the problems didn’t end there for Sainz that looked like a tyre, a both ‘rebel’ made him lose some precious minutes in the pitlane before you face your attempt a final lap in Q1: “from that point on I have had to recover, but then we are back to have another problems in Q1. we have been stuck in a wheel and we couldn’t get. We have come late to the track because of that. I am very disappointed because it had potential to do something more than the 14th today, but when things are not going well, not going well“.


In this aspect, spaniard Carlos Sainz has returned to lament his luck and
have not had a Saturday much more normal: If he had done the
Free 3 and I would not have had that problem all would have been much better
. The laps in qualifying have been against the current,
having to make up for lost time, with the stress to see if we
had time to cross the finish line or not because of the problem in the wheel
back that we could not make. Saturday, stressful that when you don’t want
go, nothing will

all in all, the pilot of the Toro Rosso depart
fourteenth on the grid
, a position behind his partner of box
Daniil Kvyat. A set of output complicated which adds to the few
data that has been able to pick up the equipment during the Free 3: I have given
four laps
. A Saturday with four or five laps is not enough
to know how far it could have gone, what could have been done and
what rhythm we are going to wear tomorrow. Difficult. What counts is to make the
duties and today have not been made