GP Japan: The FIA will ‘forgive’ a token to Honda


Each brand supplier of thruster units this year, with 32 tokens to use in the modifications that it considers appropriate. But, in addition, you can make changes to your engine without ‘cost’ regulatory alleging problems with reliability or security.

Honda introduced in Sepang an evolution of their engine in the changed the exhaust for a redesigned and lighter, and the engine block, more resilient, . The japanese brand, according to the table of changes valued by the system of tokens, reported that it would be two used and, therefore, only would be one slope from its use.

But, after studying the situation, the FIA has communicated to Honda that will only be counted the one on the exhaust, since the modification in the engine block has been considered a change for reasons of reliability and, therefore, it does not count. “we informed the FIA (the use) of two tokens, one for the engine block and another to the leaks more light”. The FIA responded to us in Sepang that the engine block is related to the reliability, it is not necessary to account for the use of a token”, said a spokesperson of Honda, Motosport.

In this way, Honda will have two more tokens to consume in the remainder of 2016, while Renault has yet to with 18, Mercedes with six and Ferrari is the only team that has already used the 32 available at the beginning of the season.