GP Malaysia: 3 positions penalty for Vettel in Japan after his collision with Rosberg


The weekend Sebastian Vettel had not begun in the best possible way, after qualify in fifth position on Saturday after the two Red Bull, but it was even worse at the output of the Grand Prix of Malaysia, where his career ended at the first hurdle after accidentarse in the first curve.

The German pilot, who had an acceptable outcome, tried to overtake on the inside to Max Verstappen, but he ended up hitting the car of Nico Rosberg, which was crossed on the track. Without having suffered major damage, Rosberg was able to continue in the race and ended up going up to the podium, but Vettel had to retire with the front left suspension game.

Any time that Vettel had already left, Race director postponed the investigation for after the race. Three hours later, was passed to the German pilot, 3-position penalty on the grid at the japanese Grand Prix, in addition to the loss of two points of the card, under the following reasoning: “even Though the cars involved were moving at speeds relatively similar, the pilot of car number 5 (Vettel) made a small error entering the inside of the curve 1 that led to the contact with the car number 6, (…) as it is determined that the fault was predominantly of the pilot of car number 5″.

“I tried everything to turn”

Previously, Vettel defended before the media that he had tried to a racing incident, and that simply was a touch unfortunate between both pilots. In addition, also used to assess the maneuvers of Verstappen, who in the moments after the accident told by the radio team: “Sebastian is crazy. Has crashed into Rosberg as a p*** idiot”.

Running with he (Verstappen) is to move around, at this point they already know it all. In any case, I was braking at the same point than him. We were going in parallel and I was pushing towards the inside. Are races. If you push inside, your angle is not going to be better in the curve 1, and so it was. I don’t have nothing to comment on what he has said after”.

I tried everything to turn and take the corner, I braked very late. I Thought ‘both are going to draw the curve, no problem’. I think that was different to what a Spa with Max and Kimi, because Max and I were trying to fight for turn 1, and Nico was doing a different thing in front.”

Vettel argues that Rosberg crossed trying to gain position to Lewis Hamilton and that he could do nothing to avoid the collision, a position that Rosberg does not share:

“Obviously, Nico decided to take a different line, I guess to fight with Lewis and then there was the contact. Go ahead and not have to worry about what people are doing behind, but I think there are two things that are wrong. First of all, Nico, without any fault, has been hit. And second, that I be here while the race is being played”. I can not do more than to apologize to Nico.

Räikkönen, without podium

The only Ferrari on the track finished the first lap, Kimi Räikkönen, finished the race in fourth place. The Finnish was to advance aggressively, touch included, for a Rosberg ended up being penalized with 10 seconds. The abandonment of Hamilton became the fourth at a position of a podium finish, but the German got a margin greater than 10 seconds with respect to the Ferrari in the final laps. Räikkönen also said that they didn’t have the pace enough to fight for the drawer.

“it Is obvious that we were missing something. The times with regard to Red Bull and Mercedes were worse at every turn. We have never had a clear chance to fight for the podium. We didn’t have pure speed. When Rosberg passed me, had to turn to the right suddenly to avoid, I knew I was going to hit me, and both would have abandoned”.

the floor of The car was damaged, but I’m not going to make excuses, we were slow and that is all. , I Did my best to keep the difference of 10 seconds, but it was not enough. They are not the results that we want to get, as I have already said, we have to improve. Red Bull has brought a lot of difference in the constructors ‘ world today. We will try to improve to make the car quicker and be able to challenge others”