GP Malaysia: Alonso anticipates “a tough race” for the climate of Sepang


The Malaysian Grand Prix Formula 1 will be held this weekend, a year and a half after the last edition. After 15 consecutive years of being contested at the time in spring, the race of Sepang return to October, month in which is housed the first two races of Formula 1 on the circuit. This change of date has not gone unnoticed to a few teams that will have to face weather conditions were somewhat different, and McLaren is not an exception.

The british team arrives in Malaysia with the intention of building on the good run of results in recent months, with two main concerns in mind: the time and, above all, the new asphalt. The circuit received a thorough washing of face-to-level surface, and even some curves, as the last hairpin, has been slightly redesigned.

To Fernando Alonso, the race will be a challenge in terms of finding the appropriate balance for the MP4-31 in a circuit with fast corners and straights with up to six closed curves, and highlights the issue of weather conditions.

“I’m eager to return to Malaysia after 18 months. it Will be interesting to see how they do in front of the car to the new surface, and I imagine that the weather conditions will be very different from our last visit. Even so, we anticipate a complicated race because of the heat and the humidity, but there is a combination of slow corners and fast and long straights, so it has a little bit of everything. Put to the test every piece of the package, and also to the pilot, so I hope you have a good race and an exciting weekend for the fans”.

Jenson Button, for its part, points out that the circuit, on paper, is not the most appropriate for the characteristics of your car in the turns, but is confident that the stability in the braking allows them to be more competitive with respect to the equipment of the middle zone.

Sepang is fast becoming a classic of modernity. Even if it is a circuit relatively new, it is one of those paths that the riders like to go. The conditions are different to anything that we find, the circuit is quite technical and fun, and the atmosphere is always fantastic.”

“Although is traditionally considered a high-speed circuit and that is not conducive to our package, yes we have a good car under braking and that is necessary to cope with the tight corners after the long straights and fast”.