GP Malaysia: Alonso, happy with the new McLaren


Positive day which has completed Fernando Alonso in Malaysia, celebrating the latest evolution of the engine of Honda and being able to roll smoothly and mechanics in competitive times.

Fifth in the first session and seventh in the second, the spaniard has proven to be the most happy with my sensations and the work performed by the times achieved. “We completed a good number of laps and a lot of tests that we had scheduled, both parties of the car as in any experiment that we have also to face the coming year. So happy in this sense. We will see how we face the rest of the weekend, especially tomorrow for the Free 3 with long runs, looking a little more towards the race and then the classification that will be for us quite short: take a spin in Q1 by to get in the 107%, and then to see it on tv. We will try to save all new tyres as possible for later in the race, attacking without stop”, said the spaniard, who has been disciplined by introducing a new propellant in your car and, therefore, will have to come out from the lower part of the grill.

For Alonso not worthwhile to try to reach Q3, but has the hope that Jenson Button can do so and, on Sunday, you can both get points. “we’re Going to face a classification without competing virtually, but I hope that we can be in the Q3 with the other car, and then, in the race, hopefully the two points. We also hope some rain, I don’t know if it will affect the classification or the race and that we would do well coming from so far behind. All to see, but happy of how has gone the day and on all of the tests we have done. Not so much the result, because in the end you never know on Friday”.

Finally, Alonso has commented very positively on the changes made in the circuit, as it provides a lot of grip and allows riders to enjoy more of the driving. “it Has been a good news, yesterday we expected to be quicker and also less bumpy and so it has been. Last year I think we did 1:42 and today, 1:36. Therefore, today we have gone six seconds faster from one year to another. The car has been improved two or three seconds, and three come free of the asphalt. It is a good feeling when there is so much grip and I believe that the pilots we have fun, more”, said the McLaren driver before the microphones of Movistar F1.