GP Malaysia: Alonso will test the latest evolution of Honda and will be punished


Fernando Alonso will have to start from the bottom of the grill to accumulate 30 positions of sanction for use from the same Friday, a new internal combustion engine (ICE), turbocharger, energy recovery system heat (MGU-H), batteries, and electronic control unit. This is due to the intention to accumulate enough spare parts to finish the season without any more penalties (something banned from 2017), in addition to introducing the latest evolution made by Honda.

Honda expressed its doubts about the introduction of such an update in Sepang, but finally has chosen to do so in the car of Fernando Alonso, something that will be effective in Friday’s free practice.

The new focus in the engine block, which is lighter, and a new exhaust which should increase the efficiency of the whole group. To this end, we have employed two of the three tokens available, so it is not likely that Honda will make further modifications in the rest of the season.