GP Malaysia: Button takes the McLaren to the Q3 in your GP number 300


Jenson Button is this weekend the banner of McLaren, while Fernando Alonso will start from the bottom of the grill after you accumulate a total of 45 positions of penalty for having replaced various components of the thruster unit.

But the English has not been easy to come to be placed ninth on the grid, because the Friday was met with many problems for the balance of the car, struggling to get closer to the top ten positions in each free practice session. “the Whole weekend has been really difficult to find a balance, and the classification has been the first time that I enjoyed driving, I felt good. I am very happy to be in front of the two Williams and just behind the Force India. The balance was not perfect in Q3, a little nervous the back, but is very well fight a little more up in the grill”, recognized a Jenson Button who did not want to let escape the occasion to recognize the effort made by McLaren.

“The classification has been the first time that I’ve enjoyed driving”

And all this despite the traffic that Jenson is found during the qualifying, especially in Q1, when he had to make two attempts at the fastest lap after a first lap chaos. “We left soon, because it was cloudy and looked like it could rain. I came to the curve 14 behind a Renault (Kevin Magnussen) and I don’t know what I was doing, went out of the circuit and I trompeé because I lost all the downforce. Then I got behind Ocon at turn 9 and had to abalanzarme on him in the area of braking. Then I met with Romain Grosjean”, concluded Button before the press moved to Malaysia.

The pilot of McLaren is celebrating this weekend the achievement of 300 Large Prizes, leaving only seven of Michael Schumacher and 23 of the pilot with the most runs in the history of Formula 1: Rubens Barrichello.