GP Malaysia: Hamilton on the social networks: “I have 100% faith in my team”


Lewis Hamilton left in the back 40 of a Malaysian Grand Prix that was destined to be yours. The british driver was leading comfortably when his Mercedes engine broke without prior notice. Hamilton lamented in a dramatic way by radio, knowing the decisive factor that it could be the time for their title aspirations.

After letting off steam to the press, Lewis Hamilton has been much more quiet on the social networks, by sending a message in which he demonstrates his total support and faith in your team, ensuring in addition that does not give up and will continue striving to become a four-time Champion of the World.

“Today, the pain is indescribable, but I truly believe that God never gives you more than you can handle. I want to give a huge thank you to all the fans who stood in the burning sun, and on their sofas at home, watching me and supporting me this weekend. I am very grateful. I have 100% faith in my team, have worked very hard, both on the track and at the factory, and I want to send a huge thank you. I know that we’ve had all these problems but it is about how we fall but how we rise. This is not how we are in the moments of comfort that define us, but how we are in the face of adversity. We are champions and this is how we can move forward. I will, I will, I will never give up!”.

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Niki Lauda was one of the first members of Mercedes in responding to the previous statements of Lewis Hamilton, ensuring that “Lewis never would say, ‘Mercedes does not want me to become a champion’, is a team player, everything else is a folly of the media”. Furthermore, we confirmed that the promoter of Hamilton will be immediately sent to the headquarters of Mercedes in England to be studied and that on Tuesday there will be a meeting to get to know the cause of the breakage.