GP Malaysia: Red Bull occupies the second row of the grid in Sepang


Away from Mercedes, but with the aim to overtake Ferrari in Q3 accomplished. Red Bull has managed to monopolize the second row of the Malaysian GP, with Max Verstappen in third place and Daniel Ricciardo in fourth place after a positive session in which in addition to the pilots of the austrian brand have been achieved to reserve a set of soft tyres more than his rivals in Maranello. In a certain way both drivers will score the same goal for Sunday’s race knowing that it beat the Mercedes is a nearly impossible task.

Max Verstappen has signed a time of 1:33.420 in Q3, which has served him to finish half a second of the pole position of Hamilton and overcome by thousandths of its partner, box. However, the pilot dutchman has stressed the versatility that has gotten the team with the strategy applied in the Q2: We have tried to keep all options open for the race, at least as far as tires are concerned. During the weekend I’ve felt that the car had a good balance with the soft tyres and that could be the way to go”.

In this aspect, Verstappen has made reference to the weather conditions that you can live in the race, as the heat seems to workhorse or small advantage according to the pilot that takes the word: Our choice of tires will depend a lot on the temperature that we have tomorrow, hence will leave the option of rubber that we can choose. Always have the assurance that I will do well and here is the same as”.


Daniel Ricciardo was just as satisfied with your
paper in Q3: “it Has been a good session for us as a team. Always
we want to be ahead of Ferrari
and it is a great achievement. We think that in this
track were stronger than we, believed that they were going to be ahead. Max has
done a great job, is a little ahead of me. We are the two
very happy with how it has gone to the classification

The australian rider is very clear what is the key in Sepang: “The output is always the most important. In fact, it will be very important the first stint, the first fifteen laps of the race are going to decide a lot. The pace with which you start the race will dictate how you develop the rest of the test. it Is important to have a good start, good pace and try to get the most out of the tyres, although with this asphalt can be tightened well”.

In the same way, also has a very clear goal to get in the race, always looking in key championships: The changes that we have made during the night have helped me. Yesterday, my race pace was not very good, I was not very happy with the car. I think that tomorrow the balance of the car is going to be positive. to Find the second place in the Constructors ‘World is our goal, but we will try to achieve it looking toward delante”