GP Malaysia: Sainz and Kvyat, the most daring in Malaysia


The next Grand Prix in Malaysia is one of the most demanding with the tyres, not only by the appearance of the layout of Kuala Lumpur, but also because of the extreme heat that lives during the celebration of the event.

The abundance of fast corners, strong braking and a asphalt abrasive force each year to Pirelli to bring the compounds more resistant the available range and that is why we will see the hard compound, coupled with the medium and the soft. And, on this occasion, has been Toro Rosso who is most daring, has been selecting eight sets of tyres in the soft compound and only two of the medium, in addition to three of the hard.

Among the teams that aspire to get a podium, Red Bull has been the more conservative, opting to select three games of hard, four media, and only six of soft. In Mercedes continue to the different choices between the two candidates for the title, by opting to Lewis Hamilton for a game, with more hard tyres, which Nico Rosberg.