GP Mexico: Alonso: “it Is the best position that we could get out”


McLaren is struggling to get into Q3 in recent races, the result of the recovery they are experiencing teams like Williams and Toro Rosso, especially Felipe Massa and spaniard Carlos Sainz.

With this in mind, Fernando Alonso aspired to be placed eleventh on the grid to have any chance of scoring, but with the advantage of leaving the clean part of the track and with the total freedom to choose tires. And so it has been, the reason why the Spanish has shown to be elated to receive the news in the mouth of his engineer over the radio.

“The truth is that it is not very nice to be glad for being in P11 (eleventh), but in the situation we are in, I think that is the best position that we could get out, for the clean part. Makes some races we were fighting for the seventh position, now we are fighting for the ninth or the tenth, therefore, I think that the eleven -choosing tyres – usually the best option. To see what happens tomorrow, but it surely has been lucky enough to surgeon the that task that we had to do today to be able to point to this position”.

In this circuit, in which the compound superblando has been many problems graining and has needed more than one turn to reach its optimum functioning temperature, take the exit with him can be risky, while Alonso acknowledges that the track is improving with the passing of the hours and the small chance of rain Sunday keeps open the choice for the race.

The superblando has had a lot of degradation in the sessions (training) – free, so it would be very risky to come out tomorrow with him, but the track is getting better, each time there is a better feeling with the tyres. You also need to see the temperature morning, there is a minimum risk of rain, so that may also change. If the track is wet, the superblando usually give a little more grip, so that we have that ability that the others don’t have and we will try to take advantage of it”.

Just ahead of Fernando Alonso, will Carlos Sainz, who has returned to pull talent to sneak in Q3. The McLaren hopes to return to be with him as in Austin and compete for points.

“We will be again there, a bit out in front, the Toro Rosso in the race tend to go a little worse than in the time because they have less battery (power available via the MGU-K and MGU-H), so hopefully we can tomorrow to have a nice fight and above all to overtake him, if it can be, before the last lap”.

One of the disappointments of the day was Sergio Perez, who has not been able to sneak in a Q3 that Nico Hülkenberg has conquered even the Ferrari. In spite of that, Alonso expected to be preempted by the mexican and, resigned, she wished him a good race.

“I Think that Checo (Perez) tomorrow we will spend probably above all, have had a lot of rhythm. I Guess that be out of the Q3 has been a fluke, so tomorrow hopefully to ski fast and make a good career, that the people certainly enjoy”.

Ending with the analysis of the classification, Fernando Alonso has reflected on the state of the circuit, , which provides very little grip for the type of asphalt you have, and the influence of the altitude on the aerodynamic load. At least Alonso hopes that all this will serve to provide more of a show.

“Very little grip, especially for the altitude and the lack of downforce we have here, which makes it almost driving on ice. The asphalt is surely not the more grip you have of the past in which we have raced, so that makes it more difficult to drive and hopefully more spectacular if there is a lot of action on the track”.