GP Mexico: Alonso: “Mexico poses different challenges to the usual”


McLaren has gone back to retrieve the good path in Austin and, although the double result in the points and, above all, the fifth place finish for Fernando Alonso were highly influenced by the dropouts and circumstances of the race, is a morale boost after what we saw in Suzuka.

Fernando Alonso arrives in Mexico with great desire, not only for the result of Austin, but for the extraordinary fans that made the Grand Prix last year one of the times star of the season. In addition to provides a good point of comparison to check to what extent it has improved McLaren-Honda in a path as demanding in all senses.

“last year we arrived at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez with many questions and relatively little information on how to cheat the cars in the circuit modified. Is a circuit that raises different challenges to those seen in other places by the compromise between having good downforce in the fast and a good balance of the car in areas more tacking as the stadium. Then there is the altitude, which affects the performance itself. It will be difficult to put together all the elements to get the best lap, but I want to compare the place in which it is our set in comparison with the last year”.

“The support we received last year in Mexico City was the best of all the year, so all the team has wanted to return for a second time at this famous circuit. The passion of the fans really encourages us to pilots and, despite not having a good week-end last year, I remember it as one of the best times of the year, because the experience itself was great. Given the hardness of the race, and I hope that we can have good reliability and enjoy a better result on track and take full advantage of the support of the fans”.

Jenson Button also recalls the career of 2015 as a mixture of feelings. On the one hand the difficulties that the team had to perform well on the Rodriguez Brothers, and, on the other, the warm welcome of the fans to each and every one of the members of the Formula 1.

I loved riding the last year on this circuit. It was not a circuit easy for us, but it really is a circuit that rewards the driver. Despite the fact that it is not included the famous peralta in the redesign of the same, the mixture of high-speed section slow at the end of the turn causes the circuit to have it all and you put a smile on the face. Definitely we were strong in the last sector, so we need to take best advantage of these strengths if we are to have a fighting chance this weekend.”

“We are fortunate to have this tremendous support of the fans at all the circuits we go, but I can say that the reception and the welcome that we had from the mexican public last year was something that I had not experienced ever before. Each time pilotabas by the section of the stadium you could hear the roar of the crowd from inside the car. It was amazing. I hope to get a good show this year and recreate again that atmosphere that is so incredible”.

To Eric Boullier, to repeat what we achieved in Austin will be difficult, but hopes to be able to maximize the possibilities in the classification in order to exploit in a more effective way the pace of the race.

“to Achieve a result similar to that of Austin in this circuit will not be easy work. It is a tough one for the chassis due to the high speeds and large areas of braking. The thruster unit -in particular the turbo is working harder due to the altitude above sea level of the track. it Will be interesting to see how our enhanced set behaves in this configuration and I hope that I can bring to the fore all the strengths to have a yield that is more promising than we had last year. Saturday will be the crucial day for us and we need to have the best position for the race. This can only be done by maximizing the classification”.

Yusuke hasegawa highlights the elevation of the site on which is located the circuit, something which requires especially the turbo. This, along with the long line that exceeds 350 kilometers per hour, will test the latest evolution of the Honda engine.

The Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez is located at 2200 meters above sea level, which means that there is less oxygen, so the turbo has to work overtime to force the air to enter the unit to power. As a result, the quality of the efficiency of the turbo will be a key factor in the Grand Prix of Mexico. At the same time, the layout has a very long straight, so we must consider the effect of the power to the dock the thruster unit to the chassis. Last year we had a very difficult race, but we’d like to keep the results of Austin and show our technological evolution of this season. We hope to score again in this race”.