GP Mexico: Eric Boullier: “McLaren is not a charity organization”


The tension existing between McLaren and Honda continues with a new chapter in that both have mixed views about a hypothetical supply engines to Red Bull, which still define his immediate future after the breakup with Renault.

The head of sports of McLaren, Eric Boullier, he makes very clear the position of the team Woking before the intentions of Honda to increase its portfolio of customers in the face of the season 2016. In an interview to Sky Sports, the frenchman insists that McLaren has every intention of exercising its right of veto and prevent that Red Bull received the drivers japanese in 2016.

That Honda only supplied to a computer has created multiple debates about the appropriateness of such a decision, after the innumerable problems of reliability and performance that the biker japanese has been found this season and that has limited drastically the mileage of the car and, therefore, its evolution.


Until a month ago, Honda had always made it clear that he was not seeking a team to focus 100% on McLaren and the development of the propeller in a manner as efficient as possible, but Yasuhisa Arai, head of a sports Honda, has been receptive to partnering with Red Bull and the same Thursday admitted that both organizations were in the middle of conversations on the subject.

Boullier has stressed that McLaren, “as partners, we need to agree on the strategy” with Honda. In addition, points “there’s clearly a problem in Red Bull that has been created by the Red Bull and no one else. We are not a charity organization, we are not here to help” stressed categorically Boullier.

In regard to the Great Prize of Mexico, the protagonists ended the day Saturday with mixed feelings. Jenson Button could not take part in the classification after detecting problems with a sensor in the engine and prefer to fix it all for the race, as the English had to face a penalty on the grid for replacement of different parts of the car that we were condemned to last place in any case.


For his part, Fernando Alonso, who also leave at the end of the grill after a double change of engine, could not get the Q1 but declared that he was happy to have been “something more competitive than expected”.