GP Mexico: Hamilton equalled Alain Prost and seeks to hunt down Rosberg


Another Great Prize, another doublet of Mercedes. The German team has found in the second half of the season the stability necessary to move its huge superiority to the track of the proper form, with their two cars in the first two positions. The occupied from the beginning to the end of the race in Mexico, and on a few occasions this doublet was challenged. Anyone would say that both riders are contesting a World.

Lewis Hamilton, for the moment, reduces to 19 the difference of points between both drivers with his eighth victory of the season and the 51st of his career, equalling the legendary , Alain Prost as the second driver with the most wins in the history of Formula 1. His triumph, however, has not been without controversy. The british pilot went well and kept the first position a path of the first curve, but locked tires in braking and it was very long, going through the escape of grass. Hamilton returned to the track in the curve 3, maintaining the first position and, despite the flat tire, and the Virtual Safety Car, which eliminated the time advantage gained, it achieved a margin of seven seconds that remained with solvency during the test.

Hamilton explained in a press conference that your front tire right had a lot less temperature of the desired, and that he had no other option than going straight into the curve. She also expressed her concern in the first few laps by the vibrations of the plane, and stated that he had not thought of a possible sanction, as claimed by Daniel Ricciardo after the race.

“I’ve had a great start, I was very happy with it. Had the right front wheel frozen, so when I braked, locked, and I had no other option than to go to the grass; there was no way any of that could take the curve. After that, the vibrations were huge. I Thought that I’d have to stop, that my career had been finished, but he had a lot of pace in the car. Without having to press, I was marching. Not happened to me for the head they could think or not the commissioners, I was quite concerned about the flat tire”.

The difference with his team-mate means that Hamilton continues without relying on himself to get his fourth title, and therefore, the three-time british maintained that he will continue fighting for the title until the end

“These last two races, everything has gone very well. I Hope all had gone so well, but it is never too late. I am riding with all that I have, all the media, all the energy and all the heart that I have. I am Not giving up. If I know that I have given you all that I have, I will be proud when crossing the finish line in Abu Dhabi”.

Rosberg, race to race until the final title

The situation of Nico Rosberg, for its part, is becoming more and more advantageous despite seeing his advantage reduced, and has been able to minimize the damage. The German pilot was not able to follow your partner and his strategy showed to be less effective than the one used by Red Bull and Max Verstappen, allowing the Dutch will presionase during a large part of the race.

Verstappen came to even try to overtake him, but was passed over in the braking, and Rosberg was able to dial in distances without any major troubles. After the race, conceded Hamilton had been top, and that had deserved the win. Knowing that a single victory in Brazil or Abu Dhabi, you would be champion, regardless of what Hamilton, and that even a second and a third place would be enough, Rosberg keeps his focus race to race, and hoped to finalize the championship at Interlagos:

“first of all, Lewis has done a better job this weekend. Has been more rapid and deserved the victory, came out first of the curve and came to the finish line first. Apart from that, for me, many things happened, it’s been pretty intense. In the end, is a second post, I have to live with it. It is better to be ahead than behind (in the championship). to Go race to race as they came to me, it has worked well, so I will go to Brazil and try to win there“.