GP Mexico: Hamilton qualifies its Q3 as his “worst meeting” despite the pole


judging by the faces of the pilots of Mercedes at the end of the qualifying session, it would be difficult to think that the mark of the star have assured the twelfth doublet in first-line of the season, and that Lewis Hamilton had just to get their tenth pole position of the year. None of the two pilots was particularly pleased with his performance in a classification in which Red Bull has breathed into the nape of the neck more than usual.

Hamilton believed to have good reasons for having demanded more. Despite having gotten the pole with two tenths of advantage over his teammate, thanks to a 1:18.704, the british driver believes that it could have done a better job in his two attempts in Q3, especially with the tyre management, getting to qualify for this final round as his worst performance of the weekend

“The long runs have been very strong, and the free ones were very good, so that the Q3 has been my worst session of the weekend until now. It is always a tough battle to try to get the perfect lap when it counts, especially with these tires. Sometimes it’s in the first round, and it is sometimes on the second, in the event that the tires are ready. It is always very challenging here, but this track has improved a lot, because this year has so much more grip. Last year desliz√°bamos more, but this year already looks more like a racing circuit“.

despite this, the three-time think you have a good plan for tomorrow, and a solid pace to consolidate its position in the long run, despite not having been able to make the most out of the tire superblando:

“For tomorrow, we have the appropriate strategy, and the car is in a good position for the long runs. We have a lot of pace, so we thought that it was possible to pass to Q3 with the soft, and we did a long run with the soft. The superblando was a bit disastrous, it may not be for others, but it was for us“.

Nico Rosberg managed to accompany in-extremis to Hamilton in the first line, since his first attempt in Q3, only you would have sought the fourth position after the Red Bull. Got to take time in the final sector despite the deterioration of the track and lose 1:19 (1:18.958), but Rosberg did not want to call her back as “brilliant”, making emphasis on the possibility of face-planting for the win tomorrow, and noting that its strategy does not contemplate the use of the superblando beyond the first few laps:

Bright has been lto back of Lewis, not so much mine to two tenths and a half, but I did it when it mattered. I am relatively satisfied by make sure to be on the front line, and although it is not the pole, it gives me a great opportunity for tomorrow. It took a little longer to find the path with the temperature of the tires being on the cold side this weekend, but we made it to the end. The superblando will be fine to start the race, but decays very fast, so that is a disadvantage in terms of strategy. We believe that ours is better”.