GP Mexico: Hamilton: “When you give up, you lose”


The last Grand Prix of the united States has served to Lewis Hamilton to recover the good feelings and return to believing that it is possible to get the championship.

Hamilton got the victory in Austin, and true to her style, winning with authority after a weekend of flawless. But that will not be enough and the only hope that remains to him is to win it all and wait for Nico Rosberg to make a mistake, despite which, it does not think to surrender.

“it Was great to get the victory number fifty after a couple of weekends difficult. I have continued to have a positive mood, I avoided thinking about the past, I worked hard and knew that eventually would come the result. At the moment you give up is when you lose. I’ve never been a person to give up and I’m not now either. There are still plenty of points available and anything is possible”.

In 2015, all pilots were fascinated by the heat received from the fans mexicans in the return of the Formula 1 after 17 years of absence, and Lewis Hamilton is no stranger to this. The Mercedes is looking forward to returning to enjoy as the last year and, yes, improve the end result.

“The following is Mexico, here I had a great experience the last time. Is circuit incredible and slippery with altitude which allows low downforce. Is a great challenge, despite the fact that last year’s race was a little frustrating for me, I had fun a lot. I’m looking forward to running again and hopefully do better this time. In addition, it has one of the best hobbies I’ve ever seen”.

There are lots of people with lots of energy and enthusiasm for the sport in Mexico. The stands are packed, even on Friday, it is good to see. I saw a few flags of Mexico with my name in Austin, it was awesome, so I hope those guys are there to give me an extra support this weekend also”.