GP Mexico: Niki Lauda furious with Max Verstappen


For Niki Lauda, what happened with Max Verstappen as a protagonist in the Grand Prix of Mexico has been the straw that has filled the glass.

The pilot dutchman took a touch with Nico Rosberg in the braking of turn 1 after the start, forcing the German Mercedes to get out to the grass, although without mechanical damage or loss of position, as the leader of the world came back soon to the track in the curve 2.

For Lauda, this action Max Verstappen can not be tolerated. “is Not acceptable, Nico was clearly in front and Verstappen pushed him off the track. Could have cost Nico the championship is not acceptable. It is the fault of Verstappen, driving too aggressive, at some point you have to realize it”.

“Your talent is awesome, but ruined it with these actions”

then came the last stop on that same curve when defended Sebastian Vettel, who came with the tires in better conditions. The pilot Dutch could not trace out normally, by blocking the wheels and went to the grass to join back to the track in the curve 2, clearly ahead of Sebastian Vettel. Unlike what happened with Lewis Hamilton in a similar situation on the first lap, Verstappen was penalised five seconds and missing the podium and finishing fifth in the absence of knowing what will happen with the research to the own Vettel with another incident with Ricciardo. “it Was the right decision, a repeat offender as he has to be penalized, Helmut (Marko) should talk with him. If Verstappen does not drive so aggressive, it would evolve much better. Your talent is amazing, but then ruined it with these stupid actions. No account is given, do you think you are doing everything right, but it is not so. You need to calm down”, said Lauda after comment on what happened between Verstappen and Vettel.

Verstappen passes braking fend off Vettel! Vettel asks, between insults, that Max will return the position! #F1DriverOfTheDay
— MrAlexF1 (@MrAlexF1) October 30, 2016

For Niki Lauda, gestures that Max was dedicated to Vettel when at the end of the race he reproached what happened in turn 1, assume “the next insolence, I do not know from where comes this arrogance. I do not understand, is a basket case, the fury of the other pilots is growing”, ended by saying to the press shifted to Mexico, visibly upset.