GP Mexico: Red Bull will remain in F1 in 2016, says Ricciardo


Photo: Red Bull

weeks Go by and the soap-opera about the supply of engines to Red Bull (with the doubts generated on the continuity of the Formula 1 team’s Milton Keynes) is still waiting for an outcome. But Daniel Ricciardo remains confident that the situation will have a positive outcome and has expressed his belief that his team will not abandon the highest category. And this despite the recognition that the time does not play exactly in their favor.

“The more passes, the more difficult it gets, but at the same time my confidence that we will be on the grill is larger than before: I firmly believe that we will be there because all what we wish; it is difficult to say and to know with what, but the feelings are that we want to stay, unless anyone wants to give us a motor. That would be the only thing at this point would prevent that we continue to keep competing. But I think in the end we will be left with what we can get because we want to continue to”, stated the australian in the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, where this weekend’s Grand Prix of Mexico.

According to Ricciardo, the lack of victories (Red Bull is facing its first season in white from 2008) is not affecting the mood within the team. “I’m motivated and I see everyone motivated; of course it is hard when on Sundays we go without any trophy, because this team is accustomed to winning for four or five years, the success is addictive and when you don’t have it you’re not happy, but always got the same motivation: now we have other challenges, such as maintaining the fourth place in the Constructors, or in my case finishing ahead of Daniil Kvyat”.