GP Mexico: Romain Grosjean and Esteban Gutiérrez fall in unison in Q1


Esteban Gutierrez. Photo: Haas F1

Esteban Gutierrez and Romain Grosjean will depart in the seventeenth and vigesimoprimera position of the starting grid for the Grand Prix of Mexico after being eliminated in the first phase of the classification. It is the worst result set of the team from us on a Saturday since his debut in the last Grand Prix of Australia, where the French and the mexican had cornered the penultimate row.

Gutierrez was occupying the sixteenth place in the final stretch of the Q1, but it was relegated for the Manor of Pascal Wehrlein. In his last attempt, Stephen he spun at the exit of the eses. There were his hopes, like those of Grosjean, who came just behind and had to lift the foot from the accelerator, to be his companion crossed the track. Previously, the French had not been able to mark a time relevant to your first game of superblandos to block the wheels and fly off the track in turn 12. Without the necessary fuel, he was forced to return to the pits, frustrated by what at the moment is being a difficult weekend.

I don’t know what is going on. In free 3, the car went well, but after everything has gone to hell, and we must analyze what happens for there is something, that clearly, is not going well. Being the last is unacceptable. The speed was good, but had no grip and balance. You just can’t make with a grip poorly if you have a car balanced, but if you combine the two things you can not do anything. The car’s behaviour has been strange, with oversteer in a bend and understeer in the following, and I just hope that we can improve.

For his part, Gutierrez regretted not having been able to offer to the passionate mexican fans a better result and attributed to an excess of aggressiveness for his error in the decisive moments.

we Already knew that was not going to be easy. I the limit when you try to give it my all for the team and the fans, who have been amazing. I knew that my first lap would not be enough and I tried to be aggressive. sometimes it goes well and others are not, but at least I know that I have given everything. I was not happy to get out of the car, but the feeling when walking by the pitlane and see that all over the world encouraged me has been amazing.