GP Mexico: Second row tests for Red Bull in Mexico


Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo have been third and fourth in the qualifying session of the GP of Mexico, and while both riders have finished separated by just over two tenths, the sensations of both pilots have been very different. While Max Verstappen has been regretted not being able to assault the first row of the grid, Daniel Ricciardo has been much more critical of your last turn, which has made a couple of errors in the first sector. All in all, Red Bull has been the great alternative to Mercedes and moments has dreamed to be able to break the hegemony of a return of the team of Stuttgart.

With a time of 1:19.137, Max Verstappen will start in the third position of the grill of the Rodriguez Brothers, a result with which the Dutch have finished very satisfied: I Am very satisfied with the way the us has gone to the classification. We are in the second row and that gives us an ideal position to fight from the beginning”. Verstappen explained that: “We’ve had during the whole weekend a good car. Tstill costs us in terms of top speed and that makes it difficult to fight with Mercedes in qualifying, but we’ve been close and it is a good achievement”.

considering their performance, Verstappen said: , My lap in Q2 was very good, but can’t find the same level of grip in Q3 and I went a little slower, which was a shame because otherwise I think the second position would have been possible. Struggling in the first sector, but the grip had changed. It was a back hard there, even though everyone was in the same position. On some tracks you can have a perfect lap, but here is very difficult”. All in all, the pilot of Red Bull was hopeful: “There is a long distance to turn 1 and we start with superblandas, so that we can make progress. We have a race pace is very strong“.


despite finishing two tenths behind his team mate, Daniel Ricciardo was quite a bit more self-critical: “I Think that we were there, but to be honest, my last lap was terrible. He was struggling to record a good time, and at the exit of turn 6 I had four tenths loss in regards to my previous lap. We have managed to recover part of the lost time, but with so few tenths of a difference I think that we could have gotten a better result. The asphalt is still very slippery and it is very difficult to find the perfect lap“.

Noting the small errors that he has committed on his final lap, Ricciardo repeated: “On the last lap in Q3, we have definitely lost a bit of performance, especially in the first half of the lap, but we’re still in the second row of the grid and that in the end is positive. We have to stay with that. As you’ll see, that brings us to tomorrow, but I think we can do a good race, although I do not dare to predict that it can happen to you after this classification so difficult”.