GP Mexico:::: Solid start for Mercedes in Mexico


Mercedes has signed a solid inicior the GP of Mexico based on the strength of their power unit on the long straights of the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez, although the German team does not trust and considers Ferrari a hard opponent for the victory in Sunday’s race. Be that as it may, Lewis Hamilton has set the fastest time in the FP1, and has run to four thousandths of Sebastian Vettel in FP2. For his part, Nico Rosberg has scored times more discreet than those of his companion, although the German has been focused on understanding the degradation of the tyres.

Lewis Hamilton has shown a very positive after the end of the day with a best time of 1:19.794. In fact, the british pilot almost has devoted more words to the phenomenal atmosphere at the Autodromo Hermanos Rodriguez that his own performance on track: It’s fantastic to come back here to Mexico. The support that we receive here is amazing and it still is Friday. There is a lot of passion and enthusiasm for this sport, which is fantastic. It has been a day quite solvent in which we have complied with the terms of our program for the weekend“.

In fact, Hamilton has not wanted to deepen in excess of the rate shown, or in the performance of the tyres: it Is obvious that the cars are faster, but the laps I’ve done are pretty good. The track behaves better than last year and the truth is that I feel more comfortable in the car that’s the first time that I competed in this circuit. All in all, I hope that I can continue this trend during the rest of the weekend“.


Nico Rosberg has been rather more analytical than his companion at the time of narrating his role in the first two sessions of free: Has been a day of unusual and the track is very green and with some very low temperatures. Therefore, we can say that we experienced a learning curve to understand what to do with the tires and be able to extract maximum performance both in a turn as a long run. Today, we’ve learned a lot and has not been a bad start in general, but we still have much work to do tonight”.

The car performs well with the pneumatic means, although even there we need to improve in order to see what points of the circuit we can find more performance” has said Nico Rosberg. The German also concluded: The Ferrari looked very quick today, so that will be a big threat. We’ll see what happens tomorrow. It’s great to be back in Mexico and the fans are amazing. It’s Friday and the stands are already full, which is incredible”.