GP Mexico: Verstappen and Ricciardo criticise Vettel: “you Should go back to school”


Red Bull has managed to finally prolong in Mexico his streak of podium finishes, after a Great Prize for calm in the dispute, but tremendously stormy in your conclusion. Both pilots of the team were protagonists of the controversy, which monopolized the attention in the moments after the Grand Prize, a controversy that ended with Max Verstappen coming out of the pre podium to make way for a Sebastian Vettel that has been left without a podium a few hours after, all this for the benefit of Daniel Ricciardo

The pilot Dutch threatened in the output of the second position a Nico Rosberg, who defended himself with all, going out through the inside of the curve 2 when you run out of space, in a move that the commissioners considered legal by both parties. Throughout the race, Verstappen continued to threaten that second post until an attempt of overtaking derived in a last braking finiquitó tires. In the final laps, had to defend against Vettel, that came up in their alternative strategy, and attempted to sobrepasarle three laps from the end. Verstappen blocked tires in the braking of turn 1, it was long, and retained the position to exit ahead of the curve 3.

Immediately after, Ricciardo attacked the German of Ferrari, and this gave wings to the young dutchman to get the third place. His maneuver, however, was discussed by the commissioners at the end of the race. These determined that Verstappen had gained an advantage off the track and we passed 5 seconds, falling to fifth place. The sanction will be reported officially when Max was already preparing in the prepodio to go out to collect their trophy, and after a brief chat with the pilots Mercedes, left the place, while Vettel came in a hurry.

Asked in the playpen of the press after the race, Verstappen felt that her maneuver was not punishable, as both Lewis Hamilton as Rosberg had gained an advantage in the output with similar actions and had not been punished. Also, the pilot Dutch he denied that he blocked Vettel after your defense to allow him to pass Ricciardo, and he criticized the German by his incident with the australian and its hard to radio communications.

“it Is quite similar to what happened in the first corner of the first lap. Lewis went out and got a lot of advantage. Then, Nico was on the outside when we play, and also won advantage. I do not won the advantage, was in front of him under braking, and when I went back to the track, there was the same difference between the two, so I think that is ridiculous. The computer said that I had to return the position, but was not confirmed. I was not blocking (Vettel), I tried to do the best that I could.

“seems good to Me (the non-penalty to Vettel). But if you don’t penalise that, that I do not penalize me at the end of the race. The least you could have done is to leave space, but don’t know how to do it. it Is ridiculous what he has done: was in parallel with Daniel, and just, turned to him, is touched and then began to yell in the radio. I don’t know how many times you have been using inappropriate language in general, so I think you should go back to school to learn something of the language. I will talk to him, because the way in which he has handled it is ridiculous. The whole weekend has been very frustrated, shouting on the radio. right Now is a guy very frustrated“.

Ricciardo, podium following the penalty to Vettel

, Ricciardo crossed the finish line fifth, finished fourth after the penalty to Verstappen and hours later has been promoted to third place after Vettel received a penalty of 10 seconds for a “change of address abnormal and potentially dangerous” in the braking of turn 4, fending off an attack by the pilot of Red Bull, a maneuver banned just a week ago. After the race, the aussie said to the media that Vettel didn’t deserve the podium in the wake of such a defense, considering that left no room for overtaking. He also criticized the fact that Lewis Hamilton does not receive any penalty to go over in the first curve of the race:

“I Think that Vettel has done that from what everyone has been complaining about lately, moving in the braking. He is smiling now but, for me, does not deserve to be on the podium. Opened, and I vowed to the interior. I felt I had every right to be there, but then closed the gap under braking, and had no where to go. I’m frustrated by that.”

“I don’t understand the output. How can you block the tires, get out and hold the position? I Think (Hamilton) deserved a penalty. If you lock the brakes, and you jump the curve, it is a mistake, and should pay the price”.