GP Mexico: Vettel after being the fastest: “we Need to be realistic”


Sebastian Vettel has been the fastest rider of the day, bettering the record of Lewis Hamilton in four thousandths of a second. His teammate in the Scuderia, Kimi Räikkönen, has ended in fourth position after Vettel and the Mercedes.

But the four-times World Champion does not want to indulging in illusions and you prefer to wait for the day of Saturday, to see in what situation are the Mercedes really. “I Think that the back of Lewis (Hamilton) seemed not particularly good, I think it has a little more in the pocket, so we need to be realistic for tomorrow. If it is like this tomorrow, then we’ll go for it, sure”.

“we Had a very good day, by sensations and rhythm”

In any case, the feelings have been very good and the Red Bull will have to take a step forward if they want to compete with Maranello this weekend. “We have to look at ourselves first, we had a very good day, without judging the result, but the feelings and the general rhythm of all the laps that we did. We had No problems and we were always ahead of the forecast at the time of out of the box, which is a very good sign. So, in general, was a very good day”, concluded the German to the press load to the circuit.

In regards to Kimi Räikkönen, things were not so positive, and his best lap was almost half a second of his teammate. The finn had problems with the cold temperatures of the day that caused a lot of graining and complicated things to the Ferrari number 7. “it Was pretty good, nothing special. We have to work some things out-something normal on a Friday – and hopefully tomorrow we can throw out more with new tires. We’ll see how it goes, it is still early”.