GP Mexico: Vettel blames the stress of his “den” to Whiting


Sebastian Vettel has not had a GP of Mexico too quiet. His career began with a fierce battle against Felipe Massa and ended with a duel in front of the pilots of Red Bull. After the sanction to Max Verstappen of five seconds by skipping the curves 2 and 3, Sebastian Vettel finished third in the first instance, although the podium it took her a bit to the German after being penalized by varying the trajectory on full braking. Finally, the pilot of Ferrari closes Sunday as the fifth-ranked and with the honorary title of ‘Pilot of the day’ despite its unfortunate words for radio.

Asked at a press conference for the last few laps of the Grand Prix and his battle with the pilots of Red Bull, Sebastian Vettel explained: there is Not much to add. I think that is very clear, it was faster and was cutting the distance. I placed it in the DRS zone and put under pressure. He made a mistake and I think it was pretty clear that he should have left to spend. He did not do so, and that fight in which I left locked behind him, he allowed Ricciardo to come to me. Daniel was going with a better tire”.

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Penalized for his maneuver with Daniel Ricciardo, Vettel believes that there were no
nothing out of the ordinary: We had a small incident in the curve
, it is something that I have to review. I knew that Daniel is sometimes a bit
optimistic in these situations
. It’s just, we are competing and it is a
podium that I could have achieved that and more when you come with a tire
that gives you an advantage. I Think we’ve touched. I’ve had a lot of luck
because initially I thought I had a puncture, but in the end only
we have lost distance with Max”.

To conclude its analysis, in this case on the maneuver of
Max Verstappen, the Ferrari driver added: “I’ve had to retrieve this
space, I asked him again to put you under pressure and as I say, I think it was clear that
he had to return the position. To me told me that he had
release, but had ignored
. That made my adrenaline was
most high, I was pissed, but I tried to finish the race”.


All in all, Vettel came back to have an impact on the maneuver with
Ricciardo to the questions of the journalists: “I have to go back to
to look at it. Knew that Daniel was going to try and that he was going to throw to the hole. In
Barcelona got it, but this has not been Barcelona. All in all, it was very late
and I’ve given you enough space. I Think that we have entered into the curve of miracle.
Cars are not made to suffer touches, I thought I had a puncture and
as I say I have to go back to look at him”
, to avoid then create
more controversy with Max: I’m Not going to respond to that and I don’t think that you talk with

in Addition to, the German minimized the importance of the insults he has made to you
, among them the sound “que te den” that he has devoted to
Charlie Whiting, Race Director, after see how Verstappen does not
I surrendered the third position after skipping two curves: “I Think that is
pretty clear that it has been a time of many emotions and when you’re
in the car the tension is in the skin
. I had been told that they were
watching and I was becoming more and more pissed off because they didn’t do anything”.

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To conclude and by way of balance, Vettel said: “Yesterday was a disappointing day, but today we have recovered. The difference of not having the superblandos in the first stint put us the difficult things. Lost the position with Massa lost the position, I thought I had a puncture. There was No damage on the car, but I was stuck behind the Williams. It is very fast on the straights and it is very difficult to overtake. When he entered the pitlane, I decided to continue on the track, I had clean air… With that pace if you had started in a higher position, maybe we would have put it under pressure to the Mercedes“.