GP Mexico: Vettel: “I’m sorry, I did a shit job”


Photo: Ferrari

After a year almost impeccable, it was the worst day of red for Vettel. The German was unlucky during the whole race, the Grand Prix of Mexico, and racked up failure after failure until the ultimate cessation. His withdrawal was compounded by the victory of Nico Rosberg, his rival for the second place and the Mercedes is now 21 points ahead in the struggle for the runners-up in the absence of two tests. In addition, before Sebastian, he had also finished his career before the time Raikkonen, completing a horrible day for Ferrari. It is the first grand prix of 2015 in the Scuderia not scored, the second to Vettel after the blowout of a tire a little of the final in Belgium.

From the early stages of the race saw that it was not the day for the four-time champion. Tore badly, and there lost the third position that I had gotten in a good qualifying on Saturday. Him ahead of Kvyat and, although he tried to retrieve that square taken away by the Russian, Ricciardo got too close in the first corner. So, that was on the verge of overtake him. Vettel didn’t give the enough space and the Red Bull did not stop, firing in a prick that sent the German to the back of the pack, having to stop in the pit lane at the end of the turn, with much time lost. Later, in full comeback, he got another error, with a spinning top in which he severely damaged his tyres, damaging his pace until the point of being unable to overtake Maldonado.

His car was vibrating, and after changing tires for the second time, came the denouement, with a output track in which ended up crushed against the protections. Far from seeking excuses, the pilot reassured his team on the radio, and apologized, while from the wall trying to remove iron to the topic:

I’m OK, but I’ve crashed again. Sorry, I’ve done a shit job.

Before the media acknowledged that he had not had brake problems and the car has behaved well during the race. Its worst day of the championship came when he needed to secure second place in the table of pilots. Now that goal is far away, and Vettel knows that, as a convicted person has been to be fighting you with a car infinitely superior to the rest, as having lost in the loop Rodriguez Brothers any option of consummating the runner-up position.