GP Mexico: Vettel: “Valentino Rossi did the right thing in Malaysia”


Photo: Ferrari

The controversial action between Valentino Rossi and Marc Marquez the last Grand Prix of Malaysia MotoGP has not left anyone indifferent. The debate has come to Formula 1, and asked by the media to Sebastian Vettel on his arrival at the circuit Rodriguez Brothers of Mexico. The German, a follower of motorcycle racing, gave his vision: “I’m in favor of Rossi. I know a little bit to Lorenzo and Marquez, and, to me, Valentino did the right thing in Sepang. In addition, he believes that the Italian will not give up, despite the fact that will go on the bottom of the grill in the last race: For me, Valentino is a great fighter, and by nature is not going to yield, so you can still do it. Even despite the fact that I was beaten in the last race, give everything to you in Valencia”.

The Ferrari man spoke about the circuit of Mexico, a path on which, like the rest of the pilots, has not competed: “Just what I know from the simulator. The design is very interesting. Although we have lost a couple of high speed corners, the track is pretty technical. We have been able to make impressive progress of the engine throughout the year and the long straights come to us well. It should help us. There are always doubts in new circuits, and the drivers play a vital role”. Do you respect time? The forecasts speak of a possibility of rain in the days of Friday and Saturday: “I don’t know what the weather will be. Right now the sun is shining, but you can quickly change, as I have said. The prognosis is not good, but you have to accept what comes and try to get the mejor”.


Foto: @F1Tornello

The four-time champion had the chance to play a game of football in the mythical Azteca Stadium: “I was able to play in a magnificent stadium like this, and in addition got a goal”, was narrated. There, accused the height of Mexico with respect to the level of the sea: “I realized that you get more quickly out of breath after several sprints. But we train enough during the year, there should be no problems. Yes, they can hit the chassis and the power unit: “2250 meters above the sea-level affecting negatively the aerodynamic resistance, and significantly the behavior of the motors. It is very interesting“.

Vettel plays with Rosberg second place in the championship. Despite the fact that when you had options of being champion stated that it was not very important, now is the target: “unfortunately, the train of the world championship has gone. So we are trying to achieve the best possible result, and that is now the second place after Hamilton,”. The German insists that his team has surrendered to an unexpected level, but is not satisfied and expects more for the future: “It’s great to be a part of Ferrari. But we know where we are and where we want to go. We have exceeded all expectations, but has yet to reach a step mayor“.