GP Mexico: [Video] Mexico 1990: the incredible advancement of Mansell

Nigel Mansell. Photo: Wikimedia Commons

With three victories in the first five races of the 1990 World cup, Ayrton Senna arrived at the circuit Hermanos Rodriguez, the sixth race of the year, with 17 points of advantage on his ex companion , Alain Prost, and in Brazil he had achieved his first victory with Ferrari. The classification was not conducive to the gaul, who was relegated to the seventh row, while Senna, third, harbored high hopes to extend their advantage.

however, Prost conducted a spectacular comeback. 15 laps from the end, far surpassed that of his team mate at Ferrari, Nigel Mansell, to be placed second, and six laps later passed to Senna (who played his 100th Grand Prix), with tyre problems. So serious, that not long after would suffer a blow that left him out of the race.

Prost crossed the line more than 25 seconds ahead of Mansell, but it was the british who went down in history as a protagonist of the image of the race. In the last few laps, fought for the second place with Gerhard Berger. Two laps from the end, the austrian will ahead of the end of the main straight. Nigel did not give up and remained glued to the McLaren. The output of the eses, Berger protected the interior, but Mansell not arredrĂ³ and, in a move that some called it brilliant, and others of reckless, ahead of his rival for the outside of a fast curve peralta.