GP Mexico: [Video] Mexico 1991: a big shock to Ayrton Senna


Ayrton Senna. Photo: Creative Commons

The start of the World cup of 1991 could not have been better to Ayrton Senna. The then-champion had been imposed in the first four big prizes of the year (united States, Brazil, San Marino and Monaco), while the that the dessert would be his great rival, Nigel Mansell, I was dealing with the lack of reliability of their new car.

In Canada, the FW14 began to reveal itself as a fearsome weapon. But Mansell was not able to take advantage of the that the dessert would be the only abandonment of the brazilian that year: after dominating from the start, his car was stopped at the exit of the hairpin on the last lap. As she waved to the audience, he had forgotten to switch gears and stalled his Renault engine.

Two weeks after, in the circuit Hermanos Rodriguez in Mexico City, nothing could stop Williams. Riccardo Patrese marked the pole, followed by his team mate Mansell and Senna in third position, more than half a second. A few positions that would be repeated in the race, with Ayrton occupying the third step of the podium, almost one minute of the car anglofranceses.

But in regards to Senna, the Grand Prix is best remembered for the accident he suffered during qualifying. Your MP4/6 made him a stranger to address the very fast and awesome (and now defunct) curve Peralta. Ayrton lost control and was crashing into the opposite direction against the barrier of tires. The car jumped in the air and ended up face down on the pozzolan.

fortunately, Senna was able to free himself quickly and, aided by the commissioners, emerged from the cockpit somewhat dazed, but unhurt after that, until this moment, had been the accident the stronger your career in Formula 1. “I Lost the car in the middle of the big curve. It has been a great impact, but I’m fine. Without problems”, stated minutes after arriving at the paddock.