GP Monaco: A positive Friday for Toro Rosso in Monaco


Daniil Kvyat. Photo: Toro Rosso

weekend in Monaco could hardly have started better for Toro Rosso. Daniil Kvyat and Carlos Sainz have signed on to the fifth, and the sixth-best time at the end of the first day of free practice at the circuit of Monte carlo, exceeded only by the Red Bull of Ricciardo (author of the best record) and Max Verstappen, who have sandwich the Mercedes of Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg.

The Russian and the Spanish have completed a real marathon, accumulating between both the respectable figure of 183 laps of the path Monte carlo (90 Kvyat by 93 carlos Sainz), in a day that the chief engineer of race, Phil Charles, has described as “very productive” and that puts them in a good position to get a good result.

“The two riders have performed well and achieved a good balance: we have not left a lot of blue paint on the fences, though it brands of tires! I hope they can maintain this level in the remainder of the weekend. On the other hand, it is true that the two have been frustrated in turns key today, and that is that the track is not big enough for so many cars, so, as is usual here, we will have to work hard to find the gaps in the classification. The data that have been collected allow us to draw some good conclusions that will be very beneficial”.

In his second appearance with the team after being replaced by Max Verstappen in Red Bull, Daniil Kvyat (who beat Sainz by 166 mils) has been very pleased with its performance on the streets of the Principality, and is confident in the potential of the car to get a good result.

“A good day at the office for us: we completed many laps you have provided us with many things that will need to be analysed for qualifying and the race. In general, I think that we have a good potential and, if we do well the duties, we can have a great weekend. I’ve been feeling good with the tires ultrablandos; now it is a matter of analyzing the data to understand its operation and to make the most of them”.

, Carlos Sainz was pleased to have enjoyed of two sessions without problems, something negligible in Monte carlo, although not agreed with his partner on the valuation of the tires ultrablandos.

“it Is important to enjoy a Thursday with no problems in Monaco to strengthen your confidence in the face of what is left of the weekend. We have been able to complete our programme and we have not had any problems. The track is fast in comparison with the last year, the times go down with ease and I’ve been very good today. I was a little surprised the degradation of the tyres ultrablandos, that’s not going to be easy to manage, but it is something that is going to be the same for all. We can be very happy with this start”, concluded Carlos Sainz.