GP Monaco: Alonso: “not Yet, I feel confident with the car”


McLaren was only able to put a race car on the final round of
classification, being Fernando Alonso the spearhead of the team
on this occasion
. The Spanish rider had to be used to fund from
the very Q1, as the red flag caused by Max Verstappen
when he had not yet marked any time, put him in a situation

despite this, he was able to finally move forward to terminate in the
tenth final position, that after the enactment Kimi Räikkönen,
become the ninth in the starting grid. Fernando Alonso not
was able to improve in Q3 the previous time that had been marked on the Q2,
showing their lack of confidence in the car.

“we Suffer some stress with the red flag in Q1: only
we had six minutes, and had not marked time. Our main
goal was to get into Q3, but still I don’t feel really
entrusted with the car, we didn’t have the feeling perfect
and I didn’t have
confident enough to attack really in the curves.”

“Our predictions for this weekend were something
optimistic, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. we will Need something of
rain, snow or whatever to give the race some action
the output will dictate the sign of the race, but I hope that the time
make it more interesting. It would be fantastic to finish the order
week with some points”

Jenson Button had even more difficulties that his partner
computer, although in the case of the british yes there was an improvement in
each session. However, that did not helped him to pass the
thirteenth place finish, committing several mistakes in his lap

“My lap in Q1 was good, but then the balance was
when you circuit won grip. In my final lap of Q2, blocked
the front wheels on the curve 3 -the front left – and
sobrecalenté the rubber, , which meant that I lost the grip of the
front after is

“however, this is Monaco and anything can happen.
The first corner is usually filled with events.
After that, it tries to fit behind the pilot
in front of it. You can try to overtake on the inside on the curve 10,
but that is not an option for us because we are too
back in the time that we come to that part of the track
. As well
that, as I say, hopefully it will rain tomorrow”

To Eric Boullier, this week claimed that McLaren
had the third best chassis in the grill
and who aspired to
beat the Ferrari at Monaco, the result was totally

“Clearly, we are disappointed with our performance
global classification, as in a circuit so torturous
we expected that our single-seater outperformed with respect to our