GP Monaco: Brilliant 5th position from Nico Hülkenberg in qualifying


The step forward that has given Force India with the developments, it has become apparent in the classification of Monaco Grand Prix. Its two pilots agreed with the solvency Q3, and their times were even comparable to the Ferrari. For sample, the fifth position obtained by Nico Hülkenberg, his best ranking since Brazil 2015.

The German rider admitted to not expect such a positive outcome, but far from dreaming of something more, hoped to be able to come out with a good number of points of Monte Carlo.

“I Am very happy. We knew we had the speed to be among the top ten, but to classify in fifth place is better than we expected. I’ve had a good vibe and I felt comfortable and confident from the Thursday. We took a big step forward in Barcelona, and the results today show that the car is working well, especially in the slow corners. My laps were clean and tidy in Q1 and Q2, and in Q3 I went all out on my last lap”.

“The ranking is only half the job and we still have a long career ahead with many factors that can influence tomorrow. In Monaco, nothing comes easy: you always have to work hard to get results, but I’m in a good position to exit with a few important points”.

Not far from Hülkenberg finished Sergio Perez. The mexican driver won the eighth best time in Q3 after a day of something more discreet, but the penalty to Kimi Räikkönen will allow him to start from the seventh place on the grid.

Pérez commented that it had cost him to warm up the tires on his fast laps, but the important work will take place in the race tomorrow:

“We have had a pace very well today, and we move forward with regard to Thursday, but I struggled to put the tire in temperature, and I think that it was possible to have a better position. In any case, seventh is a good place to start, so we aim to have a good result”.

“The classification of Monaco is probably the most important of the year, so it’s good to start among the first ten, but at the same time, you know how unpredictable it can be for this race. Everything can occur, as a Safety Car or rain, and you need to react fast and take appropriate decisions. You also need a bit of luck. It will be crucial to start well, we know that what really matters in Monaco is the position on the track. Tomorrow will be a completely different story”.