GP Monaco: Hamilton: “When the team called me in to the garage, I decided to stay on track”


Lewis Hamilton
showed absolutely excited about winning again
in a place so
iconic as it is the Monaco Grand Prix. The british pilot lives
in Monaco and is very aware of the history that has been written in
its streets, making it even more special for him to win in the
Principality. “This has to be the best possible place for
to get the victory number 44, it’s been eight years since that
I won here! What a special day… one of the toughest races in
I remember having done. Keep me on the site, not to make mistakes
and stay on head has been simply amazing. Way
here on a daily basis, and I think of the greats who won here -as
Fangio, Moss, Hill and Senna – and it’s an incredible feeling to put my
name on this list again”

“If Ricciardo had not had a bad pit-stop, I would not have stayed in front

Hamilton described
how was the defining moment of his career: when he decided not to stop
to put the intermediate tyres and wait for the track
withers over to mount the smooth. “it Is very unusual to have the
opportunity to decide the strategy, but when the computer called me
the box, I could see the track drying up and my tires still were very
. So I told them that I would be out and it worked great.
The first two sectors were almost dry, when I went to the track
with slick tires it was like driving on ice. If
I had not had a bad pit-stop, I would not have
stayed in front
, but these things happen for a reason. And today the
reason was the 44th victory”

Nico Rosberg, in contrast, was a day to forget
. In no time
he felt comfortable with the car and the traffic ended up amargarle
the race. “There are good days and bad days, today was bad for me. Not
we had the pace to fight for victory and we need to understand
why. Possibly they were brake problems, but I’m not
insurance. I did not feel I could push it to the limit to start with
on extreme wet tyres. It was an easy decision to accept the
the request of the team to pass to Lewis. Even though it hurts
a lot at that time, he had a lot more speed to fight for
the victory for the team,”
, ” he admitted in a gesture that honors the