GP Monaco: Red Bull, between heaven and hell


The Red Bull team lived a day of bitter-sweet, savoring the two ends of the competition. On the one hand, Daniel Ricciardo won an extraordinary pole position with the one that took, for the first time in 11 races, the honor of leaving first position to a Mercedes.

“¡I Am so happy! I gave it all up when needed. The classification consists of grow and grow, and I found the rhythm, My first attempt of Q3 was what I needed. I Feel that I have ranked very well all year and is very good to get my first pole in Formula 1 at this place more than any other. Hopefully tomorrow we can turn it into a victory, it is the plan. It is the first pole for the team at a time, it is a very good feeling”

“Coming into this weekend I thought that I could be here today, so it’s great to get the goal. The return was well, when I did it, I knew that it would be difficult to beat because we were competitive respects to Mercedes and had not yet been able to make the best lap. it Was a very good lap with super-soft in Q2, so we’ll start with them tomorrow, should give us more options at the time of stopping in the pit lane in the race, should give us more flexibility

In contrast, Max Verstappen failed to get past Q1 after impact with the barrier in the first apex of the exit of the chicane of the swimming pool, breaking the suspension and losing control of the car, which is stopped against the next barrier after jumping above the piano exit of the chicane. That will force him to start from the pit-lane with a new chassis.

“Obviously, it is not the mode in which you want to start tomorrow. I Turned too soon, I touched the barrier, broke my suspension and I could not turn. I felt very well, in my first lap strong, I felt more confident than in the rest of turns earlier, even in terms of the balance of the car, because my second sector had been two or three tenths better than any of the previous. But then, in the chicane, maybe I underestimated the grip and I turned too soon

“I Hope that the weather will help a little tomorrow, but it will be very complicated. These things, unfortunately, happen and you have to learn from it and continue. I hope there’s a lot of action tomorrow, not only by my party but also by the rest. It will be very hard, but I will not yield. The car is fantastic, we just have to find a way to overtake the people in front of you. It will depend a lot of the strategy, of what others are doing, obviously, and from the time, so hopefully we get lucky tomorrow. Congratulations to Daniel for a great return and his first pole. It is fantastic for the team”

Max Verstappen will have to appeal to the epic to enter the points from the bottom of the grid, while Daniel Ricciardo will contain the Mercedes, starting with a set of tyres super-soft, to be the only pilot who used it in Q2.