GP Monaco: Ricciardo, hurt with the team


Huge frustration which exhibited Daniel Ricciardo before the press
moved to Monaco nothing more to get out of a podium than expected
visit from the top step. His career started in a way
unbeatable, leading with firmness
while Nico Rosberg lost
ground in leaps and bounds and they did lose Lewis Hamilton.

“We got into a race with Lewis in that we did not need to be

When the German gave way to his teammate with problems
temperature in the brakes, Hamilton began to crop land, but
without that Ricciardo has reason to be threatened
. But the
play master of Mercedes placed him in a position committed,
as he stopped at the pits to put on intermediate tyres and
Hamilton waited to directly place the dry tires.
“I Think we had the speed in the wet in the output, we
we escape a little. We stopped to put the intermediate, we went into
a career with Lewis in that we did not need to be and after the
stop was… stop”
, admitted Ricciardo.

Stop everlasting

my first stop forced him to recover the ground lost with
Hamilton and, when he was caught, he was not able to overtake him. When it came
time to put the dry tyres, the mechanics were not
and the australian lost a lot of time, going back to exit
behind Hamilton. “The truth is that I don’t know
what has past. I
they called for pit. I didn’t realize the call, have been
them, so that they should have been with the tires
prepared. It hurts, it hurts, I don’t know what else to say,
, said Daniel.

After all, Ricciardo regained ground and returned to
press a Hamilton
who was driving with tire ultra-soft,
but Pirelli does not falter and, with the rain of the past
minutes, the English caught air and won without opposition. Something that,
according to Ricciardo, it does not reflect the reality of what happened this weekend
week. “again, I feel that I’ve been the most
fast in all conditions. But, again, the second position
does not reflect too much”
, he said in a clear allusion
what has happened in Montmeló, when the erroneous strategy made him
to go from first to fourth in the race.

, Max Verstappen ended out of the race after losing control of the car on the approach to the Casino. As with the dry tyres, lost control on the wet area and could not avoid the accident. Until that time, his comeback was quite remarkable, and I’d roll in points after the exit from the pit-lane.