GP Monaco: Rosberg: “Red Bull has surprised us, we don’t have six-tenths”


Six and nine-tenths of them has got Daniel Ricciardo Lewis
Hamilton and Nico Rosberg
respectively in the second session of
workouts, the fastest of the day. The australian rider
enjoy this weekend of the new engine from Renault and, with the
help the exceptional characteristics of the circuit, Red Bull
expected to be able to plant face to the germans.

Nico Rosberg described the day as positive and thought that even
you can extract more of the Mercedes, but not so much as to reach
the records of Ricciardo. we Can
put a little more power, but we don’t have six-tenths, that
. Has
been a good day for me, but Red Bull has surprised us.
Have gone very fast, faster than most of us. If it had been the
classification, would have
been before. The circuit has changed a lot and we have to work
in the implementation these two days to catch them,”
the German Movistar F1.

Lewis Hamilton it doesn’t have anything clear that the car has
enough speed to reach the Red Bull, even if you think
that the difference is not so big. “I’ve had some problems
at the end, but in general, well. I don’t think that would make a
good lap at the end, so I doubt
there are six tenths, but yes time to recover.
pole will be between Red Bull and us,”
, said
categorically, the triple british champion.

“The pole will be between Red Bull and us”

The new specification of the propellant Renault Daniel
Ricciardo enjoys this weekend sure would help, but
Hamilton did not believe that this is the key to the performance of the
australian, and yes the excellent chassis of Red Bull. “Not
I am surprised because they are so close. The engine here does not mark
so much difference and have a good car, so they have a
good chassis”

in Addition, Hamilton complained bitterly about the tyres,
stating that “ultrablandos should be four times more
and ensuring that the racing would be to a stop
a year more, showing his disappointment at this.