GP of Europe: The FIA allows Hamilton to change a damaged tire


Lewis Hamilton not
had his best day on the Saturday of the Grand Prix of Europe, committing several errors which, finally, left him tenth
on the grill and with the suspension of your Mercedes broken against the
barriers of the curve 15. But before that happened,
the british made him a flat in the front tire left the game with the one who made
his best time in Q2
, which by regulation must be the one to use
to start the race.

Because of this, Mercedes asked Pirelli and the FIA to analyze
the possibility of change that tire for another one that does not
would compromise the pilot’s safety, something that the regulations
sports referred to in article 24.4, G. “Any tire
damaged during Q2 will be inspected by the Technical Delegate of
the FIA, which will decide, in its sole discretion, if it can be
replaced and, if so, what tires are those
be used in its place”

According to published, Pirelli has confirmed that the FIA has
approved the change of that damaged tire with one that is
able to be used without compromising the security of Lewis
and that, in theory, will have a mileage similar to and in
no case will be new.