GP of Europe: The FIA mandates changes in the pianos of Baku after cuts in the tires


After the first session of free practice held in the
Baku City Circuit, Pirelli found multiple cuts in the
tyres used by Formula 1 teams,
. By the
nature of the cuts, it was determined that these were caused
for fixed elements and not by the remains of other cars or own
circuit. We proceeded to examine the circuit and it was observed that
screws of fastening of the pianos coming out of the curves 6 and 12
they had gone out of their site and were the cause of such courts

in Addition, several pianos more had different heights between
the different elements that form, so that this night has
proceeded to weld and improve the joints, eliminating also the
pianos more problematic: those already mentioned of the turns 6 and 12,
which have been replaced by paint
. In parallel, it has been removed
the piano of the curve 13, despite the fact that is not found in the drawn
natural of the race and the pit exit.

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Mario Isola, one of the sports directors of Pirelli,
commented on statements gathered by Motorsport 90% of
the tire had a cut. (FIA) investigated the pianos
after our information, because is presented some
cuts in the rear tires left
. They were quite
deep in the tread, touching the construction, but not
we had no fault in the pneumatic or air loss. All
courts were located more or less in the same position, we inform
Charlie Whiting and reacted immediately. Checked all the
pianos on the left side and found a couple where some
screws sticking out. In the second session, we check the
tires and found nothing, so everything seems to be fine

The controversial entrance to the pits

The chicane entrance pit was very criticized by the pilots
after the inspection of the track Thursday and after workouts
Friday, the concern about its complexity remained patent.
After the briefing technician with Charlie Whiting, has finally
decided to change the white line that separates the track from the lane
boxes, moving it to the left and alargándola a few meters

prior to the undulations of the track in the straight did not avoid the
vision of the same from the distance. In addition, it has placed a
poster notice to ensure the good visibility of the lane

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laps with the pressures

From the beginning of the season, the riders are criticizing
hard pressure minimum that Pirelli are selecting for
to avoid problems with the tires. Consider that they are
excessively high and that cause the grip to be, in most
of the times, very poor
, giving further rise to rumors that
some teams are devising systems to alter the pressures
once you have taken the measurements of control on the part of
Pirelli and the FIA.

In this Grand Prix in particular, Pirelli has beaten the record of
pressures, selecting 22 psi in the rear wheels, something that
Lewis Hamilton crossed out before the press moved to Baku

But, unlike other occasions, Pirelli appears to be willing to
modify the minimum pressure, as stated Mario Isola.
“we are Going to analyze the data and compare the telemetry with the real
simulation to understand if we need to modify the prescription.
We do not intend to modify the camber because the machines already
have adjusted the tuning with him, but we need to understand if
we have some margin to alter the pressure. That may mean
lower it or raise it up, because if we have underestimated the severity of the
circuit, tarry forced to upload it, or if we have overestimated, to
to bring it down. You can be the first case in which we have to change the
prescription because we did not have any data available (on this