GP of Europe: The security of Baku is concerned about the pilots… and Pirelli


The new circuit
concerns of the pilots, who see the path several delicate points
to pay attention to. The third sector is devilishly
fast and expected top speed around 340 km
per hour at the end of the line
, something that on a street circuit you can
be too dangerous. In addition, in the second sector there are areas
very narrow, especially in the curves which surround the castle.

Several have been
riders who have wanted to put the center of attention in this matter,
expressing his concern over the press shifted to Azerbaijan.

Jenson Button

it Is as if we had
since several steps backwards in certain areas and I don’t know the reason.
it was expected that the circuit outside of the other form when it was designed.
It is a pity, because a great part of the circuit is good. A view in
general the layout and it looks good. I like the design, I think it is
exciting in some points, but there are other things that seems that
should be reviewed
. I’m sure that Charlie Whiting will tell me that
which is not what I first said to him, but I have not had the
opportunity and I don’t think that would change anything”.

“What I don’t like are some
curves. We are working hard on the security, improving the circuits all
the time. And then we come here and the curves 3, 7 and 14 do not have
absolutely no no escape
. The curve 7 has three barriers
Tecpro and a barrier in particular in the edge of the circuit. But not
you can do a lot there, it’s a shame really. We hope that you have
done enough tests. Monaco has no loopholes but it is
a circuit of low speed, and this is high. This is not Monaco
Can’t move the buildings, that is the problem. It will be good to you
no one has a breakdown and we can leave everyone happy. We hope that
it is so”.

“from what I know, have done the best testing
possible security and the loopholes that are needed at each curve.
What they have done in the past and I hope they do well in this
case. But with the way that we have done on the subject of security
and the commitment that we have made, should have followed the same.
But not
it seems in some corners, although hope I’m wrong”.

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Nico Rosberg

“A little bit of concern yes
there are. There are two or three loopholes that don’t seem good. That is not
great, and we have to see how it goes. I’m worried about the curve 14, the 3 and
the entrance to the pit-lane
. Actually I am confident that the FIA makes its
work, are all calculated and simulated everything, you know exactly
the speeds and give an indication before doing the runs. I Hope
have done so, but I have some doubts, because if you look at those
curves…but we’ll see
. We could see large accidents (in the
entrance to the pit-lane). If you try to win a second, then run
a great risk”.

Marcus Ericsson

“The input
the pitlane seems to be interesting. You are going to get very, very fast and without
a lot of room for braking. , we Could see accidents in that area
circuit and I think it’s going to
to be a topic of discussion on Friday after the free
. There will be
to brake, turn and then there is the pronounced curve to the left. And
after you slow down to the speed limit of the street
boxes. If you need to do that as well, so shall it be done, does not matter. But
could lead to major accidents way back to the pits
and I don’t think that
is what we want”.

Daniel Ricciardo

“the entrance to The pitlane is a
place where you can earn a little bit of time. In this case in
particularly, if a pilot does it well, without errors, easily
you can earn a half-second, or perhaps a second, between a good
entrance to the pit-lane and a bad one.
it Can be interesting if you’re
fighting with someone in the race and try to pass at the time of
the stops, because what you do in that area, can determine who
win that position”.

Felipe Massa

I Think that we have never had a
entry to the pits like this. Perhaps the Interlagos, which is to high
speed, but is more secure than what we have here.
Here is
this is a great brake and have this chicane, which is free
as to speed, and then you have the straight. You should do well”.

Concerned about the integrity of the tire structure

Pirelli, for its part,
has brought attention to the high speeds that can be achieved
the third sector, in which, together with the arrival of the first
braking, creates a straight line of maximum acceleration of more than two
kilometers in length
. This was stated by Paul Hembery to, stating that
long lines can create problems of deformation. Seems to be a
circuit in which there should be no great dramas, but has that
straight in which we should be very careful when managing these
. If you go to a new circuit, you can find some
surprise. The trend of the new circuits in the last few years
it is the smooth surfaces with a low level of wear and tear, but there are
a straight line in a very aggressive and deformations of tires is something
that we must manage, it is an aspect of the integrity of the
tires that we have to control well”
the head of sports of the Italian brand.

The temperatures that are expected
either will help to minimize the problem, by what Hembery hits
the need to have everything under control, something that is carried
doing a time through the imposition of pressures to the minimum
on the tires
in function of the characteristics of each