GP of Russia 2017: analysis of the problems of Honda

GP de China 2017 Alonso

Honda seems to have recognized his cabezonería and has been put to work, working 24 hour shifts in the factory, Sakura, and admitting outside help, since there are several external consultants who are collaborating with the biker japanese, although the japanese do not want to reveal which sources are external. In addition, McLaren also sent to Eric Boullier several times a month to Japan to supervise the work and are helping them also to a technical level so that the recovery is as quick as possible.

from Honda have been seen with a unit of power that was not only less potent than that of the past year, but was also less reliable, and that is saying something… ridiculous so dreadful has done that jump off the alarms, they deluged criticism from all sides, and his own star on the who want to keep the whole coast, Fernando Alonso. In fact, Alonso will think to continue on the team in the summer, and you had better to the of Honda make a good engine by then and that you will see great progress and that reaction radical calling of Oviedo, or it will be gone.

From Woking admit that Honda has created an engine lousy, which combines all the disadvantages possible, since the bad reliability, the low power, the maps are not good at does not provide an optimal way to deliver such power, a consumption super high, and also serious problems with the electrical part at the time of charging the batteries. This lasts ballot the have to overcome together and we’ve already seen a big step by Honda, and is to recognize their guilt and, in fact, have returned to make in the GP of Russia.

The problem returned to be Fernando Alonso not even allowed to leave was also caused by the nerves and the tension that is alive at Honda. The japanese did not want to go back to doing the ridiculous and rushed to make decisions to avoid that Alonso had just come out from pit-lane. From there they could have solved the problem of the LRA, but kept it on track during the formation lap, doing a reset of the engine and it is believed that as well it would be solved, but that it worsened everything and prevented to take the exit. So what has been explained to the own Hasegawa.