GP of Russia F1 2017: date, times, and channels

GP de Rusia 2015

looming next GP of this season of F1 2017, this is the young race on the circuit of Sochi, a track that gives shelter to the GP of Russia. It will be the 4th test of the season and it seems that everything will remain more or less equal in the hierarchy of the grid, with Ferrari and Mercedes at the front. We’ll see who will take the cat to the water this time, if you re to succeed Ferrari or Mercedes. Since then the germans have not been very successful in the first and last appointment, where they have lost by one’s own mistakes.

Behind them, we’ll see if it continues with its improved the Red Bull team, already demonstrated in the last quote that is not so far away. While the major enhancements introduced in the GP of Spain with a chassis/aerodynamics quite new, and for the GP of Canada has marked the date to which Renault is also doing the same with your power unit. So in a few races, the team could be at the height of Ferrari and Mercedes, and see if the concept minimalist Newey is right, or simply the new rules will not come well to the ideas of the guru of aerodynamics…

McLaren de Vandoorne en el GP de Bahrein parado

on the other hand we have McLaren-Honda, after the disappointment of the races past, in this quote it seems that they have implemented some countermeasures to improve the reliability of their MGU-H and also the maps engine to improve the driveability and also reduce the vibration that was the source of the faults. Seen as seen in the previous tests, where Vandoorne gave more than 80 laps, that is the greater distance traveled by the Honda engine in everything that we have, so that reliability problems could be almost solved. However, in terms of performance is not expected to make major changes and it will be a tough race for them. To improve the power is to expect more…

Well, so that we do not lose any detail, you know that you can follow the official sessions for the media that you already know. If you don’t use apps to view certain channels or satellite dishes to pick up channels that transmit the F1 in open and free of charge, the other means you know that they are Vodafone TV with the inclusion of the channels of Movistar F1 and, of course, also the same service offered by Movistar. The opening hours and dates:

Friday, 28 April free practice 1 10:00
Friday, 28 April free practice 2 14:00
Saturday, April 29, free practice 3 11:00
Saturday, April 29, Classification 14:00
Sunday, April 30 Race 14:00

And if you miss something, you already know that we always do the analysis/summary of each session on our blog…