GP of Singapore: Red Bull is not bothered by the defense of Daniil Kvyat


Sunday’s race in Singapore was marked by the stability of positions on the track, beyond the positions recovered by Sebastian Vettel. The strategy played a pivotal role at the time of advancing riders, but some other battle on the track, and the most high-profile was the one that kept Daniil Kvyat and Max Verstappen.

The Russian pilot, who at the beginning of this season he was relegated to Toro Rosso in favor of the Dutch, contained the Red Bull during a frenzied attack almost 5 laps, which was an answer in a defense just as intense. Finally, Verstappen had to give space to avoid further degrading their tyres, and eventually got beat Kvyat after the pit stops.

During the race, raised the possibility that Red Bull could ask for Toro Rosso, his team ‘branch’, avisase to Kvyat to offer less resistance, but, in the words of Christian Horner, that was not a real possibility, since Red Bull is considered that the maneuvers of Kvyat were a legitimate defense of a position: They were competing among them. The points are so valuable for Toro Rosso as they are to us. Anyway, I doubt that Kvyat would have done too if“.

Verstappen also was particularly annoying after the race with the Russian pilot for the duel that remained, as it will be a fight for position, but found that, at certain times, Kvyat had defended a little more of the account:

“No, should have gone through my account. Was fighting for his position. You fight the same way against everyone, and I think I was doing that. It is fair to. We were losing a lot of time, and after a out so bad you’re a little disappointed. there Was a time, quite intense, on the outside of the track. He was a little bit aggressive: on the one hand I understand, but on the other there are that give margin to each other. If you look at the battles with Alonso and Perez, are very different.”

In terms of his career particular, Verstappen was particularly upset by bad output, in which it lost four positions and was responsible indirect, of the accident between Carlos Sainz and Nico Hülkenberg left out of the race to the German, and which forced the spaniard to stop in the pits to remove a piece. The young dutchman attributed his bad start to an unidentified problem with the clutch that was already the sabbath:

“The team said before the start that it would not be an ideal outlet, because the clutch was not working properly. Last night discovered that they did not ‘bite’ well, but the FIA wouldn’t let them change anything because it was not a structural problem, and could run with it. Accioné the clutch and the wheels skated a lot, there was nothing he could do. It is the worst thing that can happen to you, apart from that you skip the anti-draft”.

“I Knew that it would be a difficult departure, it was probably not as bad as in Monza, but did not expect to be so bad. At least in Monza is more easy to overtake. Here, it is basically ‘game over’. Suddenly, I had Nico in front of me, so I had to stop and lose even more inertia. I have No idea how I gave no. I was lucky not to be hit, but it was all for the bad output. It should have been behind us. We need to concentrate on to have the outputs under control. we will Have to talk about this, because there can happen to us three times in a row, is very discouraging. We could have been fighting for the podium here, so that it is very bitter”.

Horner ratified after the race problems of Verstappen: “we Had a problem with the clutch yesterday, and we were given permission to take it out and inspect it. we were Not able to find anything that was particularly bad, so we got on it again today. Had a release very abrupt and did skate a lot the wheels”.

The sixth place finish of Verstappen is in addition to the seventh-placed Italy, and the eleventh of Belgium, all of them with bad outputs and an incident. Max believes that something has changed after the summer break, which came having gained three podiums in four races, and hopes that lucky again to be favorable:

“From the halt of summer, has always been something. I started a great time in Barcelona, and I settled into a good dynamic, but after the break, it seems that things have changed, is very rare. Bad luck can happen, now we need to make sure things go as we want again”.