GP of Spain of F1 2017: times and channels of relay

GP España 2014

In a few days will begin the GP Spain F1 2017 with the participation of our two national drivers, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz Jr. The event will take place at the circuit of Montmeló, which is a very complete circuit which already held the pre-season test as you well know by their characteristics. The car that goes well here should go well in all the circuits. The length you will have to make will be 307,230 km on the 66 laps which should give the path of 4,655 km

Here is where almost all of the years we see major inflection points, as teams take advantage of this first european event to do their big updates, its specifications B of their cars. McLaren and Red Bull are two of the teams that are planning to introduce further improvements, but of course so will the rest, not forgetting Mercedes and Ferrari. In fact, the Woking promised to bring a huge amount of evolution for this circuit, though they referred to chassis and aerodynamics, so that the engine Honda will not have this enhancement until the Canadian GP probably… The same goes for Red Bull, Renault also does not bring anything up to this date. So don’t expect miracles.

Carey en Barcelona

The good thing is that the CEO of Liberty Media, current owners of the F1 after the age of Ecclestone, has moved to here. Chase Carey has stressed that they want to have a long-term agreement with this circuit, is something that we already know, as the american, although they want to an impending appointment in New York, but don’t want to leave behind the circuits of historical Europe, such as Spain, Germany, France, Great Britain, Belgium, etc., has been shown thrilled to be in Barcelona, and has stressed that “we want to strengthen the foundations of this sport in Europe“.

Well, in terms of visualization, you already know that there are some apps or online platforms that retrasmiten streaming. In regards to payment services, you can count on with Vodafone and its engine package that is the same as that of Movistar, because, in both services you will see through the channel Movistar F1. Others opt for satellite dishes to pick up signals from other countries that are still getting it out in the open and not forgetting the abstracts of the channel Teledeporte, although in this case you will see the full stroke free and open for the TVE, since this is the home GP:

Day Session Hours
Friday, May 12 free practice 1 10:00
Friday, May 12 free practice 2 14:00
Saturday, May 13 free practice 3 11:00
Saturday, May 13 Classification 14:00
Sunday, May 14 Race 14:00