GP Russia: Alonso: “We have taken a step forward important”


The team McLaren-Honda may be in luck. The training
Woking has had a career in Sochi very positive, to such an extent that their
two riders have reached the points for the first time since the GP of
Hungary July 2015. Fernando Alonso finished sixth at Sochi, while Jenson
Button was tenth
in a race in which both progressed in the output
taking advantage of the various incidents, but in which both riders had a
rhythm positive and constant. In fact, Alonso has spoken of “little step forward”
although the particularities of Sochi invite you to prudence.

Fernando Alonso has curdled a very good start dodging the mishaps, which has led to to pass from the fourteenth to the
seventh position: “The truth is that the output and the first two curves
were crazy. This time we benefit from that. In the curve 2 I went
on the outside to avoid the accident
, and then in turn 3 I saw that a Ferrari
I was looking out for me in a given moment. I thought that there we were going to get out
again, but well, all was well. we Were fighting a little bit of the shock and the
end we maintained the position-and deservedly so”.

Once the early stages of the race in
Sochi, Fernando Alonso demonstrated a rhythm consisting of that led him to occupy
the seventh position in a consolidated form. Only his step-by-pit and stripped him of this
because, although the abandonment of Max Verstappen enabled him to ascend to the sixth
square: we Had pretty good pace in the race, we just had to
to keep the position because the car in front and behind were very
away. A race a tad boring in that sense. I Think we were quite
competitive, we made the fifth fastest lap in the race
. The position is


The most positive thing is that we have been competitive during
the weekend
and now in the race also. There were times in the past year
we had a good output for any circumstance and then we passed by
above. Today, however, we were competitive, and the sixth or seventh-place seemed
our place. Today we have taken a step forward important, now we go to circuits where the
power account a little less like Barcelona or Monaco. There surely can
to take another point”
claimed Fernando Alonso to finish your
intervention before the press moved to Sochi.

For its part, Jenson Button had a progression more discreet
in the race, but ended up being tenth after beating Carlos Sainz in the past
lap of race: “Get points with both cars on a track that
we do not feel it fits our car is a fantastic result for all
the team
. As the group came to the second curve, I had to stop
because everything was a chaos. From there I was at a disadvantage, but the pace was
in the car
. It is difficult to overtake here, but I was able to do a couple of maneuvers
and I enjoyed myself”.