GP Russia: Ferrari arrives in Russia with the new wing and improvements to the engine


The first trio of races of the season 2016, have left Ferrari with a marked feeling of honey on the lips. There have been plenty of opportunities for the Scuderia would leave his imprint in the beginning of this year with a win, but one’s own failures, mechanical failures, and the inherent reality that Mercedes continues to be something ahead in race pace have provided the three wins to mark German and Nico Rosberg.

With the arrival of the first event in the european territory, Ferrari looks to up the ante and offer immediately more of a challenge for Mercedes. As well, the Italian team, now with James Allison back at work after the period of mourning for the death of his wife, would have prepared, as informs Motorsport, a package of improvements with the objective of unlock more potential of the SF-16H and, at the same time, to solve the problems of reliability that they have thrown overboard one-third of his work to date.

Ferrari would have used three of your tokens in the combustion of the engine, seeking to improve the efficiency of the Energy Recovery System (ERS) and the performance of the turbo through an increase of the exhaust gas, which would be achieved with a higher compression ratio inside the cylinders.

to be able To implement these improvements without compromising the annual program of engines of the team, Ferrari will reserve the used to date for racing where the power is not a determining factor, as the city circuits or paths revirados like the Hungaroring.

therefore, Kimi Räikkönen and Sebastian Vettel in theaters your second-and third-unit power, respectively, this weekend, without entailing a big problem despite being only the fourth race of the year. In addition, Ferrari will introduce a new front wing in the appointment in Russian to both drivers, to try to counteract the advantage of Red Bull in terms of aerodynamic.