GP Russia: Mercedes, between the pole and the lack of reliability in Sochi


the script for The team Mercedes-AMG has been identical in China and Russia, at least as far as the classification is concerned. While Nico Rosberg has added a pole to his resume, Lewis Hamilton has not been able to compete in the Q3 due to a new mechanical problem in his car. As explained by the british pilot, the fault was identical to that suffered in Shanghai, so that the pilot himself doesn’t know very well if you will leave or not at the end of the grill. In addition, Hamilton has been called before the commissioners, by an action in Q1.

Almost without opposition, Nico Rosberg is back to get the pole: “I can Not say that you are disappointed after how today went. In reality I am very satisfied, everything has gone very well and I felt great out there,”. Praising the work of his team, the German rider has stated: The car has gone well, the set up was great and from Q2 onwards has been fantastic. I am very satisfied with everything and that is a good example for tomorrow, because we would have a good race”.

Highlighting the step forward taken in Q2, Nico Rosberg explained in the press conference following the classification: “In Q2 I’ve got it all worked out as I had to leave. On the fastest lap I’ve gotten everything out well and then we have managed to remove the oversteer that we had and everything we have done has been positive”. More sharply has been shown to the question about the reliability of the Mercedes engine: “I don’t have a crystal ball to know how long we will be without engine problems. The season is very long and we don’t know what can happen from here to the end of the year“.


On the opposite side of the coin, Lewis Hamilton has returned to have a Saturday to forget. A return to the track unsuitable for the Q1 after a riding error caused him to have to go to the stewards, although this was the least of the problems for a Hamilton that is not played Q3 for engine problems, as acknowledged in the ‘playpen’ to the press: “I’ve had the same problem with the engine that I had in the last race. Has nothing to do with the incident. we’re outside by an engine problem and I do not know in what place we are going to start”.

Visibly disappointed, and even a bit pissed off, Lewis Hamilton showed less in the way of words when he was asked about his chances of a comeback in Sochi:If I keep the car in one piece, surely I get points. To conclude his short intervention, Hamilton acknowledged that talk of a difficult start to the season is a way to call the situation facing the british pilot.