GP Russia: Problems and penalty for Sebastian Vettel


The intentions of Sebastian Vettel to recover the little disadvantage that owns his team-mate suffered a major setback this Friday, after the mechanical problem suffered by the German during the second session free practice, before starting their long runs.

The Scuderia Ferrari has been forced to to change the gearbox of Vettel, who, therefore, will lose five positions on the grid this Sunday. Previously, the four-time champion from Heppenheim, third in Free practice 1 and second in Free practice 2, he regretted the lack of information that your problem has been generated for the race.

it Seems we had an electrical problem, but I’m sure we can repair it. Even so, it is a pity, because the track was a little dirty in the morning, and throughout the day is closer to what we wanted, was more pleased as I spent the day. time miss those laps, especially on long runs or the race, which would have allowed you to see how competitive we are. But Kimi has done the homework for the team, so it’s not so bad. In addition, here in Russia we know more or less what to expect. I think we can learn a lot about what others have done. In qualifying we still have some things that mejorar“.


Kimi Räikkönen if you were able to complete their program more smoothly. All in all, the Finnish, fourth in both sessions of free, complained of the difficulty to put your tires on temperature of operation today, though it showed its compliance with the performance offered by the improvements he has brought the Italian team.

“it has Not been an ideal day, if you do not one of those days that you cannot get the tyres to work and that the car is where you want to. I was not making any return in conditions, but of today are only practices, so I am sure we can improve tomorrow. In general, I think that we just have to work on the setup to do so as we want to, and then all should go well. We have a new engine and new parts in the car, and up until now have worked well. We would not use any thing new if it does not we expect to be well”.