GP Russia: Sauber unveils a new chassis for Felipe Nasr


After a difficult start to the season, Felipe Nasr hopes that his fortune will change in Sochi. After being eliminated in Q2 in China, the brazilian driver was convinced “100%” that its chassis was worse than that of his companion team Marcus Ericsson, in particular under braking and the stability of the car.

This weekend, with the start of the european phase, Nasr released a new chassis with the hope of leaving behind the problems of performance that, according to him, are behind the difference there has been the time with Ericsson.

“I can confirm that I will take a new chassis here. Although Formula 1 cars are made out of many components, and the chassis is only one part, I think that it is an important detail that the team is trying to discover these problems of manageability that I’ve been having in the car”.

According to Nasr, the bad behavior of the car dates back to the first Grand Prix of the season, and the team has failed to identify until the moment the root of the alleged problem.

“Since we put the car on the track in Australia, we have had this strange behavior. Let’s say that the car is very unpredictable at the time of driving. Not had a specific problem that you could identify, but there are many areas to check, and to do this we need resources and time”.

The turbulent economic situation of Sauber is not ideal to address situations of this style, as well expresses the brazilian, who notes that the cars have not gone through Hinwil, although he hopes that the work of the team led by Monisha Kaltenborn will be able to overcome the narrowness budget.

“The cars have not returned to the factory, we have not examined all the details. We are taking a good step, by tapping the keys to see if there is something wrong in the chassis. we’ll See how it develops over the weekend. Last year I had one of my best races in Formula 1, so at least I have that reference in mind”.